Monday, July 20, 2009

And Then Some...

So my ended my last post talking about #1-2. Lose 50 pounds, and Find a new job. Well, this is where I will be needing your help, and opinions. I have been looking at getting weight watchers as some extra help. Being a culinary student I have taken lots of nutrition classes, and having been obsessed with what I put in my body in my early teens (why couldn't i have reserved this obsession for when i really needed it?), I have enough knowledge about food, exercise, nutrition, and diets to last me a lifetime. But what I really need is the support that comes with the meetings, being around other people going through the same day to day food struggles as I am, and having someone checking on me breathing down my neck. Really that is what I need, someone, or a group of someone's holding me accountable. I'm also looking at getting a membership at like a Snap Fitness. I like the idea that I can go whenever I want. That was why i didn't go when I had a membership to the YWCA, because I had to go on "their" hours (that and I was lazy). But i digress, weight watchers, yes or no?

And for #2, I've decided it's time to put myself out there, look for jobs in my field. I will most likely keep my current job, as a back up and for supplemental income (and because, well, I love money). But i've been avoiding looking and applying because I hate the rejection. I have my resume' all updated, it's just a matter of finding the positions. So i need to take the leap of faith. I'm looking for anything in event planning, catering, or editorial (preferably magazine, but beggers can't be choosers). Maybe I will look a little today, I missed my first class this morning because I forgot to set my alarm, but I have afternoon classes to go to, and I should start getting ready soon so we will see. Thanks for listening! Until next time, XO, Hannah


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