Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 2 Update!

So it is only Day 2, and I am crossing off #13 on my list. I went to the grocery store braless today! I am usually pretty confident about my breasts, when they are confined, but due to there given size they can be pretty unyielding when they aren't strapped down. I went out braless today without much choice, I was driving back home from my sisters house, in my p.j.'s, no bra, and remembered I needed to go to the store, because I wouldn't have an opportunity to later this week. I wish I had thought this through because while in the refrigerated and frozen section I got some pretty dirty looks from moms, and some come hither looks from dads. I had just about forgotten that I wasn't wearing a bra and looked at my shopping companion Tess confused, when she said "You cold?"....Yeah I know. Needless to say, #13 is off the list. And I am well on my way!
XOXO Hannah


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