Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Final List!!!!

So today I am 22 years young. WOOT! I had such a great weekend with my friends, and family. I am so excited to post my list tonight, it feels like a whole new chapter in my life. My quarter-life crisis if you will. I have put a lot of thought into this, and I have decided to not be so anal about it. So here it is, "The List"

20 Things to Do by My 23rd Birthday
1. Lose 50 pounds
2. Find a new job
3. Ride a motorcycle
4. Wear a bikini
5. Let my sister know how much I appreciate her
6. Learn to play a song on the guitar
7. Get a brazilian wax
8. Play a round of Golf
9. See the Grand Canyon
10. Wear sexy 5" heels
11. Change someone's life
12. Get on TV
13. Dare to go braless
14. Go skinny dipping
15. Get hair extensions
16. Run a 5k
17. Go on a dance audition
18. Walk through a haunted house
19. Get a tattoo
20. Write a novel

So thats it. Like I said I will not let myself get anal about this, and nothing is set in stone. I will do my best to complete everything as written. I will need lots of inspiration, support, and encouragement. So please, I encourage you to leave comments, email me, etc. This is really important to mea, and I hope to get a good laugh from it, and maybe you will to. 


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