Sunday, July 19, 2009

Less List, More Life

So, I woke up this morning from a pretty awful dream. It was a dream about the impossibly sad lifestyle I have. It involved a disgustingly beautiful pair of heels, and a certain Kardashian sister (of sex-tape fame), and my FEET being too FAT to fit into a pair of her shoes, like i sad, impossibly sad. And when I say that, I know how ungrateful, and bitchy I sound, because lets face it, there are a lot more people in the world who are worse off than not. But on a day to day basis I don't feel as though "it's impossibly sad." I live with someone I love very much, in a very cute apartment, in a quiet building, in a city I adore, I have a job, and am getting and education, I have DVR, my health (mostly) and I have access to the web pretty much 24/7! Really what could I possibly complain about.... oh I know.... my closet. This seems frivolous, and shallow to most (or some, I don't know), but fashion is something that I have always been aware of, I know what I like, and I know what the industry likes, and I have always liked to make compilations of where the 2 overlap. Well as I have gotten older, my tastes have changed, and have gotten a bit more pricey. On my list, #10 is to "Wear sexy 5" heels" well, what I so conveniently forgot to mention was that I want those sexy heels to be Louboutin's. I cannot think of a sexier shoe, they are gorgeous, well made, fitted to the wearer, and have a secret, a secret that you can only see when I walk away from you, leaving you in my wake, while you stare in awe at my staggering beauty, and phenomenal ass, you see my sexy secret, that red sole.

Ahh the day.

But it isn't just my financial situation that hinders my fashion aspirations, it's also my ass, hence #1 on my list, lose 50 lbs. Most high end designers don't go larger than a certain size, and I happen to be larger than that certain size. Ha!

So this is what lead me to #1 and #2. Lose 50lbs so I can fit into those designer clothes, and get a new job so I can afford them. well kinda, I really want to find a new job in my field, but I have yet to figure out what that field is.

I'm rambling, but I hope to post again later today, I have a lot on my mind. But I need to get some homework done. So until then, XO Hannah


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