Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Next thing on My List...

This blog is inspired by Jill Smolinski's book, The Next Thing on My List.  I have recently finished reading this book amidst what I have decided to call my quarter-life crisis, and it inspired me to stop complaining and do something.

In the book a young woman in her mid-twenties (Marissa) dies tragically in a car accident at the hand of a stranger. That stranger (June), finds a list in Marissa's wallet that is titled "20 things to do before my 25th birthday", and after finding only 2 things crossed off the list, June decides to complete the list in honor of her. The inspiring part about this story, which, as cheesy as it seems, the "sign" that shouted "Hannah! Hannah! This was written for you!" was the fact that Marissa's birthday is July 12th, which happens to be my birthday as well. And when reading this book, I realized how fast approaching my 22nd birthday was (and then my 25th), and while I know I am still young, there are so many things I want to do. And because I'm still young I don't want to put everything off, so that when I am on my deathbed I have regrets. And even if I die tomorrow or a week from now, I want to be able to say that I actively tried to finish "my list". 

So this blog is dedicated to just that, my "Things to Do Before My 23rd birthday". I figure perfect timing because my 22nd birthday is in 8 days, so I will have exactly a year to complete my list. Here you will find, my success, and inadvertently my failures, my thoughts and stories along my journey.

So I hope you will help me along my journey. Comments, suggestions, encouragements, if you think you can help me complete something on my list (PLEASE let me know), all are welcome. I am still actively working on my list. I hope to post a preliminary list next week, so I can get feedback (if anyone sees this). And then the final list on July 12th. Please help me achieve this, I will need all the help I can get!


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