Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ice Ice Baby...

It's the second week of October in Minneapolis and it is CO-O-OLD!! With the average high this week around 39 degrees, I am a little miserable. I Fall and Spring happen to be my FAVORITE seasons, and unfortunately the last couple of years those season seem to be getting shorter and shorter ( I still blame El Nino). We went from a prospective "indian summer" (if ur not a midwesterner that means a REALLY hot fall), to full on winter in a matter of (2) weeks. We have already had snow (TWICE), and we are supposed to get more in the next two days. Which means that my Seasonal Affective Disorder may kick in early, sweet! But they say that it should be warming back up this weekend (warm like high 50's!!), but I'll be working all weekend, Sweet!

But what I have come to learn in my 22 years in Minneapolis is that Minnesota meteorologists are usually wrong whenever its "good" news. For example, it will most definitely snow for the next two days, but that day (Monday) where the high/low is 58/42 respectively, it will actually be more like 34/28, and snowing. I'm just saying.

So, Belinda Jensen, Jonathan Yuhas, Chris Shaffer, Dave Dahl, and Ian Leonard, your inaccuracy boggles me, and when my SAD flares up, you better watch your backs... :-/

(p.s. all joking aside [because i am joking, no ones back needs to be watched] quit effing up the forecast, and tell Mr. Sun to come out and play)


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