Friday, November 6, 2009

Are you there motivation? It's me, Hannah

I am going to continue my successful plan of blogging on Friday nights so no one reads this, so here it goes.

I am happy to announce that the H1N1 and bronchitis is now subsiding, and I am almost back to normal. I went back to work for the first day in (almost) 2 weeks this past wednesday, and so far so good. Some days my body feels like it is being squished in a mammogram machine, and I am still perpetually exhausted, but I am about 90% better, which feels amazing!

The plus side to having been stuck in bed (or couch) is that I sent out approximately 300 resumes in the last 2 weeks. I had been quite discouraged until I got a very encouraging e-mail, from a very nice person, at a very successful firm. They weren't hiring, but the e-mail was encouraging none the less, so I continued to push on. That same person recently contacted me for an interview for a position that opened up (what timing?!), needless to say, I am VERY excited. I obviously accepted the opportunity to interview, so now I wait for them to contact me about when. Tess told me I shouldn't sound too desperate, but I think in this job market EVERYONE looking is fairly desperate, and companies have an opportunity to be very selective, besides desperate can definitely be interpreted as eager, right?

I have successfully completed #13 on my list, which is a relief. Being sick and stuck in sweats for 1.5 weeks I lost some self editing. I ran to the store one day for more chicken noodle soup and juice, and I was so irritated that I had to go I just put on shoes and left, and didn't even realize I wasn't wearing a bra until I was already at the store. So I didn't even think about it. Easy enough.

So coming out of my sloth state I am trying to find my motivation. I've been seeing my friends again, I went to a dance class, I covered the whole job hunt thing, I'm back at work, I'm going to force myself to get back to the gym (its been over a month, don't judge me) because I really need to start training for my 5K, and I'm even considering assistant coaching my high school dance team! So, things are moving along, really, they are.


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