Monday, November 23, 2009

Do As One

On a day like today... OK, let's be honest. Whatever you are dealing with right now, today, (for me) this month, this year, don't you think it is important as ever to, every once in a while, just stop- and breathe. And not just the kind of breathing you are doing right now while reading this, the kind where you step back and really think about it, in and out, your chest rising and falling. Intentional Breathing.

Well there is a place online called the Universal Breathing Room, it's goal is to have more people to stop for just a minute a day and breathe-intentionally. The website says that through conscious breathing all of your bodily systems work better, and more efficiently. And by the whole world doing it together (besides it being cool), we are all brought to a common harmony, if you will.

They also have a feature that you can "intentionalize" your breathing. Using this feature you are focusing on a certain thought our purpose while breathing, in hopes to achieve that goal. For example; Peace, Harmony, Forgiveness, Acceptance, the list goes on and on, you can also create your own. They also have them schedule at certain times so you can log-on and consciously breathe with the intention of Compassion at 5:00 P.M. (CST), with the rest of the world.

I entered the breathing room for 2 minutes today. It stressed me out a little because I wasn't breathing in synch with the other 5 people across the globe (i don't have the lung capacity), but once I muted the sound effects on the website, and just focused on breathing instead of getting it right, I felt better, more willing to accept relaxation-but not quite relaxed. Regardless, I really enjoy the concept, so give it a try.


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