Monday, October 26, 2009

We got the SWINE!!

So I've got the swine. Yes, the dreaded H1N1!!!! AAAHHHH!!!! Other than the fact that I've been quarantined, and ordered to bed rest, it isn't so bad. I'm bored out of my mind though. It feels just like the flu, but the body, and head aches are a lot worse. My whole body hurts, all the time. The cough was really bad too, but I also have bronchitis so I'm sure that that has something to do with it as well. My fever also will not quit, but I think I will live. Honestly I think the medication they gave me is the worst part. First of all they are the size of horse tranquilizers, and after taking them I get the worst stomach cramps, and not to mention the constant nausea I've been experiencing since I've started taking them. But alas, tomorrow is the last day in my round of pill popping. And then another week of nausea. But I should be better by wednesday... hopefully.

I was thinking about the gym today and realized I haven't been in over a month. I'm going to be out of commission for about 2.5 weeks total due to the swine, so thats part of my excuse. But if you recall, I was just sick about 2 weeks ago, I had a bout of vertigo for a week. And the ONE (1) week I was relatively healthy in between my illnesses, well, I just didn't go. Needless to day I'm feeling fat. But at least due to the vertigo, swine, and now the medication I haven't had an appetite so I haven't been eating EVERYTHING in sight. Regardless, I miss going to the gym.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My average job is more important than your average job!

I realize that this post is going to be a little off topic, and I generally keep my nose out of political discussions when I feel I don't know enough about the topic, or the person I am talking to. But, in this instance I feel it is necessary for me to open my big mouth (even though I'm inviting the criticism).

I've been sick the last few days, and have had quite a few sleepless nights, and I've been reading new blogs, and articles I otherwise wouldn't have. Anyway there is an actress by the name of Carly Chaikin, whom I started following via twitter (@CarlyChaikin), because I thought it would be interesting to what the life of an up-and-comer is like. W
ell she started writing a blog a while ago, and while I've never read it before, being up as late as I was last night I decided to take a look. No I like to give everyone the benefit of a doubt, but I was a little disappointed to find this.

Carly posted a political blog about how she voted for President Obama, but now she was disappointed with all the "shit he wants to do to healthcare". And while I haven't been following the healthcare reform news as closely as I should, and I don't know how it will directly be affecting Dr.'s, but I do know that some of the things Miss Chaikin said really ticked me off. For example,

"This will mean doctors will be getting paid an incredibly low amount, like so
meone with an average job would get."

Now I don't know what Miss Chaikin considers to be an "average job", but my instinct was to resent that comment because the fact that she used "average" says to me that there is a majority in that group. And my assumption was that she was placing an importance on doctors over any other career. And then she said,

"It disgusts me that doctors don't make the most money out of anyone."

And for me that proved it. I left a comment on her blog, as follows:

For those of you who will say, "Hannah You're a communist bitch". I will simply say, I am not. I agree that Doctors deserve to have a higher base pay just because of all the schooling that they have to complete (as with many other professions) just to get the M.D. at the end of their name.

My beef isn't with Chaikin's point, it is with how she presented it. But I will be honest, if the government does have to cut some of those salaries to make room for healthcare, so be it. And, my guess is that most doctors went into medicine because they wanted to help and heal people, not for the paycheck. And if it was for the paycheck, then they did it for the wrong reasons. Everyone deserves to be taken care of. And everyone deserves decent, affordable healthcare. With the majority of our country nearing, at, or below the poverty line I dare anyone to stand up in a public place and say that a $100,000 dollar salary just isn't enough. The truth of the matter is that the american public just can't afford healthcare as it is now, me included. Until last month I hadn't been to the dentist in two years, why? Because My co-pays, and other out of pocket expenses are too high, why? Because when cuts to healthcare are made dental is the first to go.

As for athletes and entertainers, what I don't think most people realize is that the reason they make so much more money than anyone else is because WE give it to them. Those positions are paid based on how much money they potentially could make an entire corporation. And those corporations make a lot of money every time you, and your friends go out and see the movie, watch the tv show, or game, or buy the dvd, the soundtrack, the album, the magazine, the perfume, clothing line, memorabilia. Entertainers and athletes, are just that, ENTERTAINERS, those industries were invented to bring joy, so that when times are tough you can lose yourself in a movie, tv show, song, or even game. We give them our money. We make them rich. So if you are sick and tired of them making more money than you, or I could make (together) in a lifetime, stop giving them your money.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ice Ice Baby...

It's the second week of October in Minneapolis and it is CO-O-OLD!! With the average high this week around 39 degrees, I am a little miserable. I Fall and Spring happen to be my FAVORITE seasons, and unfortunately the last couple of years those season seem to be getting shorter and shorter ( I still blame El Nino). We went from a prospective "indian summer" (if ur not a midwesterner that means a REALLY hot fall), to full on winter in a matter of (2) weeks. We have already had snow (TWICE), and we are supposed to get more in the next two days. Which means that my Seasonal Affective Disorder may kick in early, sweet! But they say that it should be warming back up this weekend (warm like high 50's!!), but I'll be working all weekend, Sweet!

But what I have come to learn in my 22 years in Minneapolis is that Minnesota meteorologists are usually wrong whenever its "good" news. For example, it will most definitely snow for the next two days, but that day (Monday) where the high/low is 58/42 respectively, it will actually be more like 34/28, and snowing. I'm just saying.

So, Belinda Jensen, Jonathan Yuhas, Chris Shaffer, Dave Dahl, and Ian Leonard, your inaccuracy boggles me, and when my SAD flares up, you better watch your backs... :-/

(p.s. all joking aside [because i am joking, no ones back needs to be watched] quit effing up the forecast, and tell Mr. Sun to come out and play)

Monday, October 5, 2009

For the love of a pump.

I have fallen off the weight-loss wagon and have found myself a little depressed about my lack of discipline. I have also notice my lack of interest in clothing lately, which was at an all time high when the numbers on the scale were still going down, and my increasing interest in shoes and accessories. Which got me thinking, do the numbers on the scale have an inverse relationship to the level of interest in things that have a direct relationship to my weight?

I have always been an AVID purse, shoe, and accessory "collector". I love the idea that you can completely change the look of an outfit simply by changing the accessories. But when I was losing weight, I had a newfound interest in the latest trends of skinny jeans, shirt-dresses, leggings, and maxi dresses. I had an appreciation for the fact that you can completely change the look of an outfit simply by changing the outfit... This brings to mind one of my favorite fashion, and family movies 'In Her Shoes', it features one of my favorite people (and by people I mean people I have/will never met/meet) Toni Collette. In a scene where her sister (Cameron Diaz), tells her that she shouldn't buy such cute shoes because they should be living a life of scandal, and she should let people who will get something out of them buy them, Toni retorts,

"When I feel bad I like to treat myself. Clothes never look any good... food just makes me fatter... shoes always fit."

And so I think that is exactly where my love stems from... shoes ALWAYS fit.

Friday, October 2, 2009

I keep telling myself that I need to be more on top of things. Finish things that I start, or not start them if I'm not going to finish. I have always thought that being a "completer" was a good trait to possess. Now, I know what you might be thinking, that the opposite of a "completer" is a "quitter," But I would have to disagree...

To me quitting implies that you gave up on something, that it becomes too difficult, and you are scared to fail, so you quit. But I think that the opposite of a "completer" is a "fragmenter" if you will. I don't quit things, I AM NOT a quitter, and you will never, ever hear me speak of something being too hard and giving up. I will not admit to that, being a quitter, because I am not a quitter.

In case you didn't catch that I will remind you again, I AM NOT A QUITTER!

I merely, fragment. I start things that I don't finish. I tend to put too much on my plate. I am a habitual multi-tasker. And women, I know most of you nag on your boyfriends, husbands, male friends, co-workers, and family members that they are unable to do more than one thing at a time (I do it too, I'm not laying blame, I'm guilty), but they aren't inefficient, we are CURSED. It is a curse to be able to multi-task. If I could shut down the parts of my brain that are used to multi-task I would get a lot more done, and I would consider myself more of a completer.

But besides that, I think my problem is that I become disinterested. I get bored with my projects and move on to the next thing. I usually come to the conclusion that it's not worth my time. But it had to be worth my time at some point for me to start the project, right?

Like this blog for instance, I want to stay on top of it. I want to blog at least once a week. When I have profound (and not so profound) thoughts about my journey to be a better person I want to write them down and document them. But if i don't do it right then and there I forget, and then the once profound (or not) thought, feeling, experience I had goes missing, lost, forever forgotten in the hodge-podge of miscellaneous memories in my psyche. So I say, well it must not be worth my time, or energy if I can't find the time to put forth the effort... But it is. I'm not quitting. I will finish what I started.

If it was worth my time once, it will remain worth my time until I the project is completed. Finish what you start.