Wednesday, April 14, 2010

2 Months, and 27 days...

The really funny thing about this blog is that my promisses, and commitments to myself are complete bullshit. They mean nothing, they last for like a week, and then poof! It's like it never even happened. So instea of me breaking promises to myself al the time, and being a complete bonehead, no more promises, or commitments, I am just going to do my best. So... a ouple of new things...

#1 My internship at the American Diabetes Association is going great, i love the people, and learning, and doing all the things I get to do. And they don't just give me grunt work, I'm getting projects that are just mine, that I can take ownership of!! Speaking of... everyone register for the Step Out: Walk to fight diabetes Twin Cities taking place on September 25th, and if you can't register give my team some money!!!! i will post some links and what not later!

#2 I got a second new job, I FINALLY quit Menards, and I am ok sharing that because they don't pay my bills anymore! Everyday I was there my soul died a little bit. I am serving at a restaurant in Bloomington now, and it is a good time!!!

#3 I am moving back home. Oh joy, I know, sounds like a good time, but it's not. Hopefully now I can catch up on my bills that have been unpaid for the last 4 months since I will no longer be paying rent. Yay for no rent!!

#4 I am hoping to go to CHINA in June. Sarah is there for 6 months, and i can live for free! When will i ever get to go halfway around the world and only have to pay for airfare and food, which is cheap as dirt in China. But airfare is two grand so we will see...

But all in all I haven't gotten very far on my list, but I am well on my way. I have also made a lot of headway in taking the next step to achieving some of these things, like asking people I know for their advice and expertise. I have also bought a set of music lessons, so it's just a matter of scheduling, and saving money for others. But I am working, and after revisting the blog I feel even more confident in my ability to complete my list (all or most) in the next 3 months. Wish me luck!!


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