Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Laura!!

I am finally getting to posting these pictures from the surprise party I planned last weekend.

If you read any of my vague posts last week, it was crazy. The party was for Boomer's mother. If you didn't know, Boomer and I live with her. And were having the party at her home. Where we all live. Together.

There was a lot of sneaking around to get this together without her suspecting a thing.

Cleaning, but messing up a room again so it didn't look too clean. Grocery shopping, and prep cooking in the middle of the night, or butt-crack of dawn. Secret phone calls, and text messages with the guest of honor in the next room.


Last Saturday we literally had 1.5 hours to clean, rearrange furniture (which involved taking an weight bench to the garage), decorate, and cook, after Laura left, and before the guests got there.

It felt like a disaster, but it went well. Laura had no idea, the food was great, the weather was AMAZING (if we had known this we wouldn't have rearranged the furniture-and moved the weight bench outside).
I am proudest of this cake. My handywork. Well, and Boomer's too. I baked Beatty's chocolate cake, by Ina Garten. I usually tweak recipes a bit, to my liking. But I have made this cake a number of times before and it is so moist and delicious. It is perfect just the way it is (just make sure you use an 8" with a 2" depth, or a 9", otherwise it will overflow-it's a lot of cake. It is my favorite chocolate layering cake, not to be confused with my favorite chocolate sheet/cupcake cake.

To complement I used my favorite cream cheese frosting. It's delicious. It put it on everything.

It would even be good on shoe leather... oh, wait... no, that's bacon.

The "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign was Boomer's idea. I gave her the blueprints and direction for it, but it was her hands that made it. I am proud.

Anyway, Happy 50th Laura! We all love you very much, and hope you had a ton of fun celebrating how fabulous you are!!!


P.s. Here is the menu:
Cheesy Browns (This was very much adapted-I used diced potatoes instead of browns, 1 can cheddar cheese soup, 1 can cream of chicken, a bag of sharp cheddar cheese, doubled all of the spices, and added cayenne, and diced onion)

Bacon Wrapped Weinies - Yum. I didn't use this sauce, but it sounds delicious, instead I whipped up a batch of my 5 minute BBQ sauce, which is similar to this but needs it's own post. You could use a jar of your fav BBQ though. But go easy-you really want to taste the smokey bacon.

I promise there was more food than this (no photographic evidence-sorry). But the remainder of teh menu was so generously brought by a few of our gracious guests!

Thanks Kelly, Robin, and Auntie Angie!! You are lifesavers!!!

What is your favorite go-to party recipe?


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