Monday, October 18, 2010

Timeout Pilates Fitness Studio

I wanted to let you guys in on a secret.

I hate to workout.

I pretend I do, in fact, for a very long time one
of my Facebook "Interests" was "Working Out"-when I wrote that it was true. Although, my idea of working out was 14 hours a week of dance classes, which isn't working out when you are 17 and think you are going to grow up and be a famous dancer. Anyway, it was listed as an interest for quite a while, until I said to myself, "Self! Don't be such liar. You hate going to the gym, running, jumping, biking, stair-mastering, treadmilling, and the like. Don't kid yourself or anyone else. Just because it's on Facebook does not make it true!"

It is no longer one of my Facebook interests, or real-life inter

I want to lose weight (see #1 on the list to your right), I need to lose weight, I should lose weight (if I want to live to see my grandchildren-which I am super excited to be a grandmother, so excited that I want to skip over motherdom-mothedom I can do without). But in order to do so, it must involves some sort of workout. Bleh.

So I am on a quest to find an activity that doesn't feel like working out to me, but will bring back my dancer's body (or pseudo 23 year old version).

They have all kinds of fun classes. From yoga, and pilates, to new dance/cardio like Nia, and Behind Bars, and the newly popular BodyPump, BodyFlow, BodyJam series!!

I love this place. It is beautiful, and tranquil. Everyone is friendly and helpful, and it really is like a community. When other "members" see a new face in class they immediately want to strike up a conversation with you! They were all very welcoming during my first class yesterday; Nia. Which by the way, kicked, my, butt!! I loved every second of it! It's a mixture of Tai Chi moves, and dance/cardio, and it includes latin moves, african, modern, and even a little lyrical/jazz/hip hop! It was so much fun! And I am soooore today!

This evening I am going back for a Behind Bars class which I am way excited for. It incorporates the ballet barre-which I am accustomed to, without all of those boring ballet combinations. Here is the website's description,

I cannot wait for this! This is obviously not very much help to those of you not in the Twin Cities metro area, but I highly suggest you find a gym or studio in your are that offers Nia Classes, if you like that kind of thing of course. And even if you don't think you do! There is a small amount of visualization, lots of dance, and tons of just being silly! At some point, you may even forget you are sweating like a pig!!

(FYI: There will be quite a few class reviews for Timeout Studio over the next week. I am currently participating in a 12-day Free trial, and will be working out all twelve days, lord help me.)


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