Tuesday, November 23, 2010


So last week, when I was on T.V. (!!!!), I did some window (and actual) shopping. I ordered some new running shoes. And by "new" I mean, "I've never owned any." I was going to start training last week, but that didn't work out. I decided I needed to do some research, and get new shoes (I took a step class last week, and halfway through my arches, and shins were throbbing).

So I did, I ordered some because they were on sale.
Because, they were cute.
Because, I was tired of making up excuses.
And because they were on sale.

And then I started reading, and researching running shoes. Because that is what I do when I try to avoid things, I research and read because I can inevitably find and excuse not to do something. Fear of an old injury flaring up, fear of further injuring myself, fear of not being able to complete 2 minutes on the treadmill without vomiting, you know, typical stuff. I found out because I have flat-feet, or over-pronated feet I need shoes with motion-control, or stability, or something. And I found out the shoes I ordered aren't the right ones.

They came today.

And the store ordered the wrong size.

Back to excuses...


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