Sunday, November 7, 2010

Finally-Creamy White Chicken Chili

Alright, so I finally did it, I can now die a happy woman. I Made Jenna (by way of BethT's) Creamy White Chicken Chili. Ever since I read about this chili (almost 2 months ago), I have not been able to stop thinking about it. It has been in my consciousness the entire time. Every time I was cold, hungry, homesick, thought about what to make for dinner, and awake. This chili has been on my mind. Non. Stop.

Remind me why I waited so long? It was warm, creamy, tangy, comforting, and meaty. Yum.
Forgive me, and the fact that I literally has 2 acceptable photos of it. I made it on a whim (although I had planned to make it-i hadn't made it to the grocery store yet to pick up the green chilies, or white cheddar), and forgot my camera in the basement. And it came together so quickly, and when it was time for me to eat the aroma had intoxicated me so that I didn't have the energy to go get my camera, bring it upstairs, and take photos in natural light. So I brought my bowl downstairs into the dungeon, sat in front of the couch took 3 quick pics, and proceeded to eat as the Vikings game kicked off.

Two and a half minutes later, my bowl was empty.

Please make this. I'm sending you over to EatLiveRun for the recipe because... well I'm lazy, and the Vikings are winning (I jinxed it) losing, and I have to go cry. Oh well there is always the second half right?

Make it your own:
  • I started with bacon. Three slices (what was left in my pack), diced, and browned-then I added the onions
  • I didn't have canned green chilies, but I had one fresh Jalapeno. So I roasted it over the burner, steamed it, peeled it, seeded it, and diced it. It was good, but I wish I had more.
  • I had leftover pulled chicken from when I made chicken stock. I threw that in at the end right before the cream, just to warm it through.
  • I stirred a little bit of cornmeal (masa is ideal, but cornmeal or flour works well too), into an equal amount of water, and then dumped it into my pot to thicken it a little. I like my chili a bit thicker, more stew-like, than soup-like. And the cornmeal/masa gives it a nice tex-mex, corny flavor, and interesting texture. (poured in right after the chicken, bring liquid to a bubble)
I hope you make this the next cold night, or football Friday/Saturday/Sunday in your town!



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