Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Holiday Body Blitz

So a while ago I told you about Time Out Fitness and the 12 day trial I was participating in. And I had every intention in the world to update you on my classes and progress, but who knew working out was so much work?! Needless to say I was exhausted for the entire 12 days, and my blog suffered.

But getting to the point, I loved it! I loved the way it made me feel so strong in class, and especially right afterward, when I realized I had made it through the entire class without passing out. I loved the sense of accomplishment, I loved that I was counting the days I had worked out, instead of the days I hadn't, and I loved that I earned the "Gym Rat" badge on Foursquare (it's the little things)! And I loved that people seemed to notice a change that I hadn't. I was in a better mood most of the time, and even Boomer said she though I had lost weight. And while I don't own a scale (well I do, but it doesn't work for me, I can gain, and then lose 5-8 lbs in 2 minutes), I did notice that the new jeans I bought a month beforehand were somehow a little too big around the hip and thighs, but I told myself that they were just stretched out.

But I loved it so much I committed myself to 6 more weeks!

I am competing in the Holiday Body Blitz! The schtick is that you get in shape and lose weight before the holidays come around so that you keep up that momentum, and don't be a glutton and a sloth (I am guilty, and not just around the holidays)! But more than that, it is going to keep me on track for my fitness, and weight loss goals, and keep me motivated.

For those of you who don't know, I am highly competitive!

First you get put on a team. They take before photos, take a bunch of measurements (arms, legs waist, weight, BMI, body fat %, and blood pressure), and then you make a goal, whether it be to lose inches, pounds, fat %.. And then you take unlimited classes for 6 weeks, I'm sticking to a goal of 5-6 a week, depending on what my schedule (and body) allows. If you go to at least 3 classes per week you get entered in a weekly drawing for prizes, gift certificates to various establishments usually, as well as merchandise from their in-house boutique (clothes, skin care, fitness equipment, supplements, etc.). At the end of the 6 weeks they take all your measurements again, and whatever individual, and team has the best results wins a prize!

So I am working out, getting healthy (and smokin' hot), and being motivated by prizes! I mean, who doesn't love free stuff! I am gunning for a massage gift certificate (which was one of the weekly prizes at last year's blitz)!

Update: I am 4 work-outs in and I am exhausted! I know working out is supposed to give me more energy, but right now I am dragging. It is taking up a lot of my day, and so are those naps ;-). But I'm telling myself it will be worth it! It will get better, once my body adjusts again after my week off, it will get better. I think I am also pushing myself a lot harder right now because I'm not new to these classes anymore. Send me some positive vibes, OK? Please? Thanks!

Hannah L.


  1. Hmm.. interesting! I'm so proud of you for committing to a workout, because lord knows I can't. Way to go!

    I may have to check out this place :)


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