Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Things I Love

Since my time at the gym, and the library this week is increasing, my time in the kitchen will be decreasing. And while sharing the things that I love to eat, and cook is easily my favorite part of this blog, I do have other interests. In fact, what you may not know is that I have a bookmark folder on my browser entitled, "Wishlist". So if you are ever at a loss for what to get me for say, my birthday, Christmas, Valentine's day, or the upcoming holiday: Veteran's day, look there and you will find a plethora of gift ideas.

So today's post is about The Things I Love- No Food Edition:

mug love in chocolate
Ruche Love Mug I love Valentine's day almost as much as I love coffee. And these mugs blend the two beautifully.

Essie Nail laquer in "Masquerade Belle" In the fall and winter there is little variation in my nail polish choices. It is always dark, deep, and yet subtle. I love this shade of deep reddish-brown. It screams Fall.

Erin Condren Life Planners- My life is lived by my planner. I've tried to join the 21st century and use a digital planner of sorts, via my blackberry, google calendar, and iCal. But none of them give me the satisfaction of writing out a to-do list on paper with a pen, and then definitively crossing them off. Erin's planner are pretty, methodical, and impeccably designed for an organization freak like me.

Enlarged view of image
Custom Sigg Bottles by GreenSender- I have gone through quite a transition of reusable water bottles. Growing up I alwasy carried a water bottle, being a student, dancer, gymnast and kid I always needed hydration, and my mother was never willing to pay $1 for a bottle of water that we get for free from the tap. So I always had some generic, plastic, reusable water bottle. And in high school Nalgenes were "in". But since the recent discoveries that being BPA free was the way to be, I have yet to convert over to an aluminum, or steel bottle. But these are so cute, and smart I might splurge- and I love a good monogram.

Maya Brenner State Necklaces- I have been in love with these for years. When I first wanted to order one the were only making California, New York, Texas, and a few others. Now they have all 50 states. Above is my beloved Minnesota. You can place the diamond at any city (along the border), but I am just fine with it in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Barre 6
Simon Pearce Barre Dinnerware- I love so much of Simon Pearce's dishware it is a shame it is way out of my price range. Everything is so classy, elegant, and modern.

Picking Daisies Cloth Dinner Napkins- Seriously? Do I need a reason to love this? They are cute, quirky, colorful, and carefree. All the things I wish I was.

Is there anything on your wishlist you would like to share? Have you purchased any of the items on my wishlist? What did you think of them?


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