Tuesday, November 16, 2010

TRL: Food Edition

We are going back to 2001 this Tuesday.

We are bringing back Total Request Live! You know, rushing home after school to watch that cutie Carson Daly before he sold out and became edgy, when MTV's only reality show was The Real World, Backstreet Boys shutting down Time Square... Come on, I know you remember that.

I remember when just a couple weeks ago Hannah Lives had food on it. That came out wrong, let me try again.

I remember when just a couple of weeks ago I had the good sense to post the things I had been cooking. This was somewhat of a food blog, and I liked it.

I've been all wrapped up in being inspired (I still love these ladies), hosting giveaways (you can still enter), Blitzing (BTW I am sorer than a mother), and holiday shopping (for myself), that I have not shared a single recipe with you.

Don't get me wrong, I have been eating. A lot. Just nothing that I felt was worth sharing. There were some peanut butter cookies (that weren't fantastic), and homemade ravioli (that wasn't perfect and needs to be re-done), but nothing worthy of your palates.

I've got a bit of a cooker's block in the works. So this is me asking you,

What do you want to eat?

Leave a comment below telling me and old favorite of yours (maybe even the recipe or link), something you have always wanted to make but haven't, something you are scared to make, or what you are hungry for right now! Depending on how many requests I get we will have a vote, and I will re-vamp your recipe, or share my version of it here on Hannah Lives (my mom's suggestions will not count)!!


  1. I am always hungry for a good meal! Since it is getting colder, I am in the mood for some Chili or Meatloaf. I actually have been craving lasagna for sometime now. I cannot decide which of the three I want more.


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