Monday, December 6, 2010

I told you I was famous.

If you don't already know this about me, I am a giganto nerd.

Not the uncool kind.

The cool kind. The kind that writes a food-ish blog, and likes reading other food-ish blogs.

The kind that wishes they were good at math.

The kind that thinks a great weekend involves baking a sweet treat, cooking up something spectacular, sweating my face off, a sugar-free vanilla soy latte from Star-Bizzle, and a good book.

.... OK maybe I am not so cool.

But my mother tells me I am, and she would never lie.

.... would she?

Don't answer that.

In this instance I am a giganto nerd because I love Joy the Baker.

She is all kinds of cool, that I am not.

She lives in L.A.

She went to the school of hard-knocks to learn how to bake.

She is funny.

And writes a kick ass blog.

And if you read her blog today, you might have seen a not-so-familiar face.


Go check me out!

I'll have my people call your people,
Hannah "Tinsle-Town" Lue


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