Saturday, December 11, 2010


It's been snowing for about 18 hours here in good ol' Mini-Apple!

Judging from my very technical measuring abilities.... were at about 13" of snow.....and counting.
Now, let me tell you something about this city that I live in. We are not afraid of snow. We relish in the opportunity to show up any city in the nation with out ability to handle an avalanche of snow. MN department of transportation has many flaws, but plowing, salting, and sanding the roads is not one of them.

Mail is always delivered. Public transportation is always running. Airport never closes. Stores never close. Public school never closes. Nothing is ever cancelled.

But today, Minneapolis needs to collectively buy a diaper, because this snowmageddon has made us shit our collective pants.

I didn't get mail today. Metro Transit has suspended buses (trains are still running). Many of the stores in the Mall of America never opened, are closing, or will close early. Things that normally happen on Saturdays like ACT, and SAT testing, extra-curriculars, and concerts are cancelled. The airport is closed, and the New York Giants are not in MN yet, so they may not be playing my beloved MN Vikings tomorrow... I smell a forfeit.

But it isn't just the snow that is hindering our ability to... live.

Winds are at about 30 MPH. Which means that as soon as you shovel, snow-blow, or plow, a gust of wind comes along and blows that big pile of snow you made on the side of the sidewalk/road back in your path.

So for now I am in my PJ's, thinking about what I'm going to make for dinner and getting "chocolate wasted" (name that movie)!

Have a good day! I hope yours is less snowy than mine. Food will be posted tomorrow. Once I dig my car out of the driveway.



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