Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Things I've learned... Over the Christmas Holiday

It takes approximately 7 hours, 1 yogurt, 2 helpings of tater tot hotdish, 3 dishwasher cycles, and 3 cups of coffee, to bake 50 biscotti, 300 cookies, 60 chocolate dipped pretzels, and a 13"X9" pan of peppermint marshmallows.


And I'm not counting the bottle of tequila it took me to get through a week of cutting, baking, decorating, and cooling sugar cookies.

I'm kidding.... about it taking a week to get through a bottle of tequila, it only took me 4 days.

I'm only kidding...

I can scoop and pan 25 chocolate chip cookies in 6 minutes.


I can scoop, form, sugar, and pan 20 gingersnaps in 4 minutes.

I can unwrap 22 Hershey's milk chocolate kisses in 1 minute.


I am stonger than I think..... AND I will never buy plastic handled utensils ever again.

This is one, of TWO plastic spatulas I broke.

If a recipe calls for a small saucepan to boil sugar, cornsyrup, and water in... use a large saucepan.


4 bottles of wine, 1 bottle of tequila, and Boomer's "3-pack" is not enough alcohol to help you cope with 5 Family Christmas' in 3 days. But it is enough to almost keep you from 1 Christmas morning brunch.

My classy pants, love monkey, proceeded to steal procure 3 different beers in 2 different sizes, from 3 different christmas parties, and stick them in a plastic 6 pack holder, and borrow my camera to take a picture. This is what love looks like.

I'm really bad at remembering to take pictures at parties. So, I'm sharing Boomer's butter igloo.


My baby is an arteest!

I also wanted to show you some of my uber cute Christmas decorations before they come down. I don't really like showing you pictures of my house because I live in a dark cave, with artificial lighting, and wood paneling, but if you promise not to judge my wood-paneled, sans chair-rail walls, dirty dishes, and pile o' junk. I'll show you. Because this place was hecka cute like 3 days ago before my family had an outrageous party and trashed the place.

There are 4 bottles of wine missing from that wine rack -- Don't mind the beer signs, I live in a bar ... or the dirty dishes.

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, full of food, fun, family, and laughter, and is easing back into your regularly scheduled programming. I am taking a cue from my neighbors to the north, and enjoying today off by celebrating Boxing Day. Those Canooks are smart cookies.


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