Friday, December 31, 2010

What to do in 2011

True story: I hate making new year's resolutions. I feel like it is a cop out. Waiting until the new year to set a goal for yourself, that chances are you should have done yesterday annoys me to no end.

I think it also annoys me because I have always sucked at making resolutions.

But, this week I have read so many blogger write posts about their resolutions, goals, etc. that it's got me thinking.
There are tons of things that I find I want to accomplish on a daily basis (i.e. Look to the left and find my list of things to complete by the time I'm 23 24) that maybe I need to look at resolutions as something to work toward that will aid in me achieving all of my daily/weekly/monthly goals. So, instead of putting, "lose weight" on my list, I'll add, "eat cleaner."

So, here goes nothing...
To Do: 2011 Edition

1. Believe in myself. This is probably the biggest of my

goals. There are so many times that I second guess myself, and my abilities. Which, inevitably

means that I am not fulfilling my greatest potential. This blog for instance, I signed up for

blogger almost 2 years ago, and it took me over a year to really decide what I could write about that people would want to read.

And then I came to the conclusion that I wanted to blog for myself, I wanted a

place to put all of my thoughts and ideas, and if people enjoyed them it was just a bonus!
2. Take more leaps of faith. This goes hand-in-hand with #1. I need to learn to let go, and just go for it! I tend to be over

analytical, and a planner. Which is why I love baking, because it is so precise, and methodical. But it is also the

reason I love cooking because I am not controlled by the fear of the outcome of the dish. Once a cake is done, it is done, you

can't do much to fix it. But if your shrimp is under seasoned you can add salt... I'm on a tangent, sorry. Bottom line, I

need to trust that sometimes the universe is working in my favor, and not plan so much. I need to just do it!
2. Stop drinking pop. Yeah, yeah, I know. I said I wasn't going to make definitive goals. I

lied. It's a girls prerogative to change her mind. I need something measurable. I'm not going to drink pop this year,

because it is bad for me. And I need to be good to me.

4. Stop being scared of

failing. When I was in the 6th grade, at the tender age of 11, I was given and assignment to write a paper about our greatest

fear. While my classmates wrote about spiders, snakes, and being burned alive, I said my biggest fear was failing.

Profound, no? I would say it still is my greatest fear (along with losing my parents). But I need to learn that failing is not

the end all be all. That you have to fail to find success. Fall down 7 times, get up 8, right?
5. Treat myself better. To me this means stopping fat-talk, which is an ever present,

daily thing in my head. This also means that I need to eat cleaner, and get more active. I

committed to running my first race (a 5K in February), but when I registered, I failed to

realize that it is the same day as a dance competition that I will be at alllll day. So I will be finding a new race to run in the

spring. I'm taking the 80/80 approach. I'm going to eat 80% clean, 80% of the time. I think that this could work for me
6. Be a better blogger. I am still very new to the blogosphere, and I am still

feeling my way around the Internet, and my own blog. I want to think that Hannah Lives is evolving along with me

, and that whoever finds me here is ok with that. I want to focus more on developing my own recipes, sharing more

about the goings on in my life, my journey to a balanced lifestyle, being funny. I want to work on my photography, and

writing, and like I said, recipe development.
So that's all I got. I could add more. Things I can measure. Because I like measuring things. I could say take X

amount of photo classes, save up for a DSLR, lose 100 lbs, graduate college, brush my hair everyday, and shave my legs at

least once a month between October and March, but lets not get carried away.
Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all have a safe, happy, and hopeful New Year!



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