Monday, May 17, 2010

Less than 2 months to go...

Less than two months to go, and I am struggling to complete anything on my list and my time to complete these things has been clouded by the list of more pertinent things on my day-to-day list like, paying my bills, and feeding myself. I am scared to say that maybe I have been working to hard on nothing. Between school, work, dance team, and my internship my me time has been cut down by two-thirds. Although recently I have had a little extra time since it's the slow season at work but life has been so busy. April was bit of a funk month, because there was so much going on, and then last week I had midterms so I haven't quite gotten back in the swing of things.

Currently I am comtemplating purchasing "Insanity" it is the 60 day version of P90X. I'm hoping to order it in the next week or so that I can say I have lost some weight by my birthday. But My goal is to hit the 50lbs (or more) by September when Sarah Brown and I can hopefully have a European rendevous! And when we return, she will spend a month job-hunting and I, saving, and then we will find a stylish, fabulous, and cheap apartment together! YAY!