Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Things I want....

I don't ask for much out of life. That's a lie. I ask a lot. But I also know, you get out what you put in, and lately I been putting in a lot, and not getting a lot back. So here is a list of things material and otherwise that might help me feel like this existence of mine isn't all for nothing.

1. To blog more efficiently and frequently...

Because I think I'm funny...
And I am a loudmouth windbag.

2. To cook more (and document said cooking)

because I am a good cook...
well a decent cook...
and I paid a helluva lot of money for a culinary degree and daggonit I'm gonna use it.

3. A Nikon D500, or a D40, or a Canon S95IS

so that I will take more, and better pictures...
makes 1 and 2 easier...

And I am all about the easy... (don't be callin' me easy, this is a good and wholesome blog!"

4. A good pair of running shoes.

I have this theory that having running shoes will make running less of a chore.

I also have this theory that losing the extra 50-100 pounds I am carrying around will make it easier too.

But I kinda have to get up off my arse to lose that weight, so I can start running. Catch-22

5. 28 Hours in a day.

If I had these extra 4 hours in my day I might actually have enough time to eat, sleep, blog, run, take pictures, cook, go to class, do my homework, catch up on my DVR, coach a danceteam and wash myself.

I don't ask for much.

6. Motivation.

I'm getting to that time in my year (and by year I mean-that time every couple of months)where I am so overwhelmed with my neverending to-do list and I eventually quit something.

and I hate being a quitter.

I don't Identify with that word.

Don't label me.

7. The ability to say no. I know I take on to much, stretch myself too thin (figuratively-obviously), and burn the candle at both ends.

I just wish I knew how to say no to people.

8. A computer.

I recieved a laptop from my loving mother as a (high school) graduation gift 5 years ago. Needless to say it is dated, and currently isn't functioning. But really it hasn't been function for over a year.

Having a computer of my own would make my life a lot easier. No planning my schedule around someone else's schedule (i.e. Boomer, the library, my mother, etc.). I could then do homework, blog, and online shop whenever I deemed necessary-which is always.

9. To complete my life list.

So this list, to the left of your screen, bane of my existence. I am almost 3 months overdue. yeah, it's going great.

What can I say, I been busy.

Which brings me to...

10. See #5