Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy All Hallow's Eve!!

I hope everyone that went out and got wild and crazy at a Halloween party last night, got wild and crazy safely and responsibly, and got home ok!!

I went to my Head Coach’s house for her annual Halloween extravaganza! It was a great time, we drank, we danced, we laughed, and we dressed up!!

(Me and Grace)

We had plans to make it to another party, but we got caught up in the atmosphere, and a couple cocktails later, Boomer nor I was ok to drive.

(Me, Grace, and Lauren. Grace coaches with me, she is the Head Coach. And Incidentally she was captain of our dance team when she was a senior, and I was a freshman. And, Lauren was her co-captain when Lauren was a Junior! We are a happy family!)

I am really bad at taking pictures on Halloween. Every year that Boomer and I dress up we always fail to get a picture taken of us in our great costumes. For example 3 years ago we went as Juno and Bleeker from the movie Juno. Striped shirt, jeans, skirt, preggo belly, ponytail, running shorts, fighting elks tee (courtesy of amazon), and sweat bands. Needless to say it was EPIC, but you will just have to take my word for it because there is no photographic evidence. As far as you’re concerned I could be lying about this.

But I’m not.

(Meet Rachel Zoe and Woody)

I also made Pumpkin spice cookies, with Maple Brown Butter frosting using this recipe from Merryweather Mama. Delicious. Be advised, they are very cakey cookies They are a lot similar in texture to one of my favorite lemon cookies (found here), that I have decided that both of these recipes should actually be referred to as Tea Cakes.

To be honest I have never had a tea cake, and have no idea as to whether or not these are anything like a tea cake, but it somehow seems right. I don’t know how else to describe something so spicy, light, delicate, and fluffy with a sweet, slight crunchy (the frosting firms up quite nicely), melt on your tongue frosting.

I’m calling this frosting maple because I was out of vanilla extract and actually used maple extract in both the cookies and frosting. It wasn’t a very strong maple flavor in the cookies, but the frosting had a very pleasant maple-y flavor, (Quickie tip: maple extract is a lot stronger than vanilla so use half the amount indicated for vanilla). And because it is fall maple flavor has never hurt anything. I should also mention that although the frosting recipe calls for 3 Tablespoons of milk, and then adding a fourth if needed, I actually used closer to 1/3 of a cup. I live in Minnesota, it’s almost November and the air is very dry. So depending on where you live, and what your weather/climate is like when you make these just add milk until it is the desired consistency. In fact, my dough was a little dry too and I ended up adding another tablespoon of softened butter.

(Frosting after 4 tablespoons of milk)

(Frosting after 1/3 cup milk)

Make these… next weekend once your blood sugar starts to come back down. Or as another dessert to serve at Thanksgiving alongside your pumpkin, pecan, and apple pies!!

Happy Halloween Everybody! I hope you are all out and about trick-or-treating! But mostly Treating! Have a safe and happy holiday, call me when you wake up from your sugar coma!

Love and sugar,

Friday, October 29, 2010

Behind Schedule

I'm running late today. I still have to jump in the shower before I head to dance. And I have been distracted by something awful cute in my house today. So let's get moving!

For lunch today I made butternut squash ravioli with shrimp. I have been looking for a recipe to use the butternut squash I bought last week. I was up in the air between lasagna, risotto and soup. Boomer shot down the idea of soup, and lasagna sounded like too much work. But I wasn't in the mood for rice. I was stuck. Long story short I got up today and decided that today was the day. I had a bag f frozen shrimp, and cheese ravioli in my freezer, heavy cream and ricotta in my fridge, and brilliance struck.

This is definitely not a step by step guide because let's face it, I suck at those, and my pictures aren't very nice to look at.

I decided to peel and cut my butternut in half, scoop out the innards, and then dice it so it would roast quickly. I was hungry and in a hurry.

I scooped the innards into a pot covered with veg stock and simmered to fortify my stock with butternut flavor. I don't like to waste. Like my momma says, "Waste not, want not."

How cute is this little one! This is Peyton. She is Boomer's cousin's kid. Her 1st cousin once removed (I'm adding that in because Boomer and I spent an entire evening googling how family trees work in relation to cousins, and cousin's kids, and parent's cousins, and grandparent's cousins-it was an ordeal). I love this little girl very much. She is so polite and, and well behaved! And she likes all the sweets I make. She is easy to please. My favorite kind of kid.

I roasted the butternut at 400 degrees for 20 minutes (very small dice with olive oil and s&p). Then I threw it in a blender with 1/2 cup ricotta cheese, and 1/2 cup of milk, and the strained stock, with more s&p to taste. And I blended until smooth.

It made a lot of sauce so I put half of it in a zip top freezer bag.

I put the blended sauce in the pan added some milk, garlic powder, and parmesan cheese. I'm lazy, so i just through in some peeled deveined shrimp and let them cook in the sauce. I tossed in the cooked ravioli, and mixed in a little of the pasta water to thin it out a bit. If I was smart I would have added in some grated nutmeg, and maybe some sage. I think sausage would be really great to instead of shrimp. And a big green salad with apples, and goat cheese. That would have made it even more divine.

Seriously though, you should make this. It was really good. I wasn't even sure if i liked butternut squash, but it just screams fall, and with the weather being so cold this week it was just what I needed. I hope to make some apple bread, and pumpkin spice cookies this weekend. More fall fare! Oh and if you are celebrating halloween tonight, Happy Halloween! Be safe, have fun, and have a margarita for me!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

True Life: I'm a Copycat.

As I sit in bed eating chocolate, apples, and pita chips for dinner, I am also scouring the web for apartments rentals. Cheap ones. I'm a college kid, ya'll. I hopped on Twitter to, you know, tweet, and saw Hillary tweet that she had posted a, you know, new post: True Life: I'm a Chocoholic. And as I read I found many similar confessions of my own and I said to myself, "Self! Just do it. Tell them what you're thinking, it's been a long day, go ahead and share." So these are my confessions:

  • I'm copying Hillary's post right now.
  • I am eating dinner at 10:19 p.m.
  • I am having Lindt Intense Orange Dark Chocolate, a Honeycrisp apple, and Stacy's Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips, and water for dinner.
  • I went to a pilates class tonight instead of going to the bar with my friends.
  • I'm going to a Halloween party on Saturday and don't have a costume. But I know I want to go as Rachel Zoe.
  • I've been listening to Taylor Swift's new album Speak Now on repeat since Monday.
  • And I have been craving Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Lattes ever since reading this recipe for them.


Do you have anything you would live to confess? We've got blogger/reader confidentiality going on here, so let's get it off your chest.

LOL/OMG: MN Winter Fun

Seriously Hilarious!

Welcome to winter in MN. My Score: 4-Flurries, Rain, Power failure, Landlord won't turn on heat yet-no wait, can't turn on heat yet, furnace broken. Update: furnace just turned on. Weird.

A week In pictures


I left out the bits about homework and tryouts because well homework pictures would be boring, and I didn't take any at dance team tryouts.

Not So Good Oatmeal bread...

Aamodt's Apple Farm Apple Butter, this stuff is so good it should be illegal.

Another Localvore purchase. This is citrus honey from a local farm. It is dark, rich, and sweet with a slight citrus undertone. So good in toast with butter, and on fruit, or with a spoon.

A blister I received during a butt kicking in my Nia class.

JUPITER!!! It's the little dot of light below the moon. Cute, right? I laid on the hood of my car on the top of the parking ramp at school and took pictures of Jupiter. It was so peaceful, and put everything into perspective. If something as HUGE as the Planet of Jupiter can look this teeny tiny from where I'm standing, then me and my problems are so insignificant that I need to let them go.

Pumpkin Carving with a few of my nieces. This is Maliah. Her face isn't blurry in real life. In fact she is quite sharp, in a smart alec-y way. ;)

This is Melanie. She loved scooping out the guts of the pumpkin.

My Cinderella's Slipper Pumpkin.

Meet Kenia: She likes chocolate, candy, and her Auntie. And this is her pumpkin.

Halloween is just around the corner! I really do love Halloween, I loved trick-or-treating when I was a kid, and I love all of the decorations! Weird enough, I hate being scared. I am still working out the kinks in my All Hallow's eve plans. I want to get a costume but funds are limited, and I haven't had any great (cheap) ideas this year.

BTW, today is National Chocolate day! So eat up, it's a holiday, so calories don't count!

What are your plans for Halloween? What are you going as?

Love and chocolate,

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chewy Chocolate Peanut Butter Granola Bars

Alright, so, yeah. I wanted to share a recipe with you of Oatmeal Bread, but as it turns out, I didn’t like it all that much. It was a quick bread of whole wheat flour, oats soaked in soy milk, almonds, and cinnamon. But it came out a little too dense. I know that by nature quick breads are much denser than yeast breads, but this was dense in a dry way, not in a yummy moist, dense, banana bread way. Boomer and I got through about half the loaf slathered in apple butter, and then gave up. Bummer. I’m new at the healthful baking, just gimme some time, I’ll get there.

So instead you get granola!

This is a very good instead. Not a consolation prize by any means. And if you do call it that… well, don’t.

Consolation prize makes it sound like you were told you would win a car, and then because you didn’t read the fine print, and came in second, you get a scooter. And not one of those cool Vespa scooters, a razor scooter. You know what I am talking about, those annoyingly cheap pieces of metal with two wheels that makes a racket when rolling down the pavem

ent that your children, and your friend’s children, and your nieces and nephews begged you to buy them, and then they broke a month later. Cheap pieces of….


These granola bars are no razor scooter. They are peanutty, chewy, crunchy, sweet salty, goodness. Yum.

Here’s what you need:

  • Old Fashioned or Rolled Oats
  • Butter
  • Honey
  • Peanut Butter
  • Egg Whites
  • Cooking Spray
  • Brown Sugar
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Nuts and dried fruit (your choice)
  • Flax Seeds (optional)
  • Salt (not pictured)
  • Vanilla Extract (not pictured)

I used this recipe as the foundation for these bars with some additions.

Look at all the stuff in there! Oats, flax, nuts, fruit, chocolate, peanut butter, and BUTTER, delicious.

Be advised the recipe below is doubled to fit in a 13”X9”. 9”X13” Whatevs.

Go. Make. Eat. Enjoy!

Chewy Chocolate Peanut Butter Granola Bars

Vegetable cooking spray

2 egg whites

1 cup chunky peanut butter (I used smooth-it worked fine)

2/3 cup brown sugar

½ cup honey

¼ teaspoon Vanilla Extract

¼ teaspoon salt

1 cup (2-stick) unsalted butter, melted

4 cups old fashioned oats

¼ cup Flax Seed

2/3 cup Trail Mix (I used nut and dried berry trail mix, but you could just use ½ cup of toasted nut of choice)

1/3 cup (heaping) semisweet chocolate chips


Position an oven rack in the middle of the oven. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

Spray a 9 by 13-inch nonstick baking pan with vegetable cooking spray. Lay a piece of parchment paper in the pan, allowing the excess paper to hang over the sides. Spray the parchment paper lightly with cooking spray.

In a medium bowl, using a hand beater, beat the egg whites until frothy. Stir in the peanut butter, brown sugar, vanilla, salt, and honey. Add the melted butter, oats, nuts, fruit, and flax. Stir to combine, then add the chocolate chips.

Using a rubber spatula, spread mixture into the prepared baking pan, pressing lightly to form an even layer. Bake until the edge of the mixture begins to brown, about 15 minutes. Remove from the oven and let cool for at least 1 hour. Cut into 1 1/2-inch squares and serve.

What do YOU want?

So when I decided to start writing a blog I figured it would be a place for me to document my journey of completing my list. I have always loved the idea of journaling, even as a child, I think that reading The Diary of Anne Frank as a child really made me want to tell my story, and when my life would end so tragically someone would find my diary, read it and think that my story was so profound the world would know, Hannah was here. I’m dramatic, I know that. I’m the baby of the family. Don’t judge.

Anyway, I have always wanted to journal. But couldn’t get into the rhythm of it. I also couldn’t get into the rhythm of video journaling, which I thought was a genius alternative (given how much I talk), but ironically enough, I hate the sound of my own voice. I thought giving the journaling a purpose (i.e. the list), and making it about something really important to me would remedy that. But it hasn’t. I’ve been trying these last couple of weeks to be more present. And to just share whatever it is I’m thinking because it is important for me to talk. And not necessarily have anyone listen (because I know no-one is reading this-not even my mother who has no idea what a blog is), but just get it out. Maybe share some things I have learned, experienced, and enjoyed.

So if there is anyone out there (*tap *tap-is this thing on?) lemme know what you wanna hear!



Friday, October 22, 2010


It's only 1:46 p.m. I've been up since 11:00 a.m. I am so tired, it isn't even funny.

I went to an afternoon Behind Bars class at Time Out today. And it was the hardest workout I have had all week! I've taken this class twice already this week, once with this particular instructor, but today, today was a toughy.

I got around 10 hours of much needed sleep, but my body is quitting on me now. Is it possible I got too much sleep?

I had a recipe, and exercise review post planned for today. But seeing as though I am tired, and I babysat my three nieces yesterday (ranging in age from 20 mos-7.5 years),and they drained the battery in my camera to the point that it still isn't charged, and I need to eat, shower, and leave for work in the next 2 hours-this is all you get.

I have a blister to show you. A recipe for oatmeal bread. Behind Bars and BodyPump Review. Pumpkin Carving Pictures. A Book to read. A paper to write. An exam to study for. Work: tonight, tomorrow, and sunday. A take home test to complete. A new exercise class, another bars class, and a pilates class to take. All before Tuesday. You may not see me for a couple days, my to do list is long.

Forgive me.

Hnanananh (Sorry-I dozed off for a second)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Tuesday!!

I was supposed to wake up 40 minutes ago, so that I had time to make breakfast, pack a lunch, blog, and get ready before school. But I'm not a morning person.

This is all you are getting from me today.

I have class starting at 9:45 a.m., and continuing all day until 6:45 p.m. And then I have BodyPump at 7:40 p.m.

Needless to say I will be exhausted come 8:30 p.m. when I finally return home.

So don't judge me for not being interesting. And have a nice day.

Externally Tired,

Monday, October 18, 2010

Timeout Pilates Fitness Studio

I wanted to let you guys in on a secret.

I hate to workout.

I pretend I do, in fact, for a very long time one
of my Facebook "Interests" was "Working Out"-when I wrote that it was true. Although, my idea of working out was 14 hours a week of dance classes, which isn't working out when you are 17 and think you are going to grow up and be a famous dancer. Anyway, it was listed as an interest for quite a while, until I said to myself, "Self! Don't be such liar. You hate going to the gym, running, jumping, biking, stair-mastering, treadmilling, and the like. Don't kid yourself or anyone else. Just because it's on Facebook does not make it true!"

It is no longer one of my Facebook interests, or real-life inter

I want to lose weight (see #1 on the list to your right), I need to lose weight, I should lose weight (if I want to live to see my grandchildren-which I am super excited to be a grandmother, so excited that I want to skip over motherdom-mothedom I can do without). But in order to do so, it must involves some sort of workout. Bleh.

So I am on a quest to find an activity that doesn't feel like working out to me, but will bring back my dancer's body (or pseudo 23 year old version).

They have all kinds of fun classes. From yoga, and pilates, to new dance/cardio like Nia, and Behind Bars, and the newly popular BodyPump, BodyFlow, BodyJam series!!

I love this place. It is beautiful, and tranquil. Everyone is friendly and helpful, and it really is like a community. When other "members" see a new face in class they immediately want to strike up a conversation with you! They were all very welcoming during my first class yesterday; Nia. Which by the way, kicked, my, butt!! I loved every second of it! It's a mixture of Tai Chi moves, and dance/cardio, and it includes latin moves, african, modern, and even a little lyrical/jazz/hip hop! It was so much fun! And I am soooore today!

This evening I am going back for a Behind Bars class which I am way excited for. It incorporates the ballet barre-which I am accustomed to, without all of those boring ballet combinations. Here is the website's description,

I cannot wait for this! This is obviously not very much help to those of you not in the Twin Cities metro area, but I highly suggest you find a gym or studio in your are that offers Nia Classes, if you like that kind of thing of course. And even if you don't think you do! There is a small amount of visualization, lots of dance, and tons of just being silly! At some point, you may even forget you are sweating like a pig!!

(FYI: There will be quite a few class reviews for Timeout Studio over the next week. I am currently participating in a 12-day Free trial, and will be working out all twelve days, lord help me.)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Things I have done...

so far this weekend:

  • Take a nap
  • Homework
  • Pilates Studio Orientation
  • Nap
  • Work
  • Just Dance 2 for Wii
  • Sleep
  • Nia Class
  • Eat
Things I plan on doing after I post this:
  • Nap
  • Work
  • Sleep
I hope you are all having as eventful of a weekend as I am!! I have 2 recipes, and one story to share soon!! Monday will be filled with (at least) 1 new post, lots of homework, and dance!!

See you tomorrow (figuratively)!!

Love and naps,

Friday, October 15, 2010

Rice Night!

Truth be told there is no such thing as "Rice night".

But maybe there should be.

But then again Risotto doesn't count as rice, because well, it is a creamy, yummy, flavorful, cheesy (because all proper risotto's are cheesy), creamy, delicious thing. And creamy. Yum. Not that your standard long grain rice isn't delicious, I just know a few people (*ahem* Boomer), who wouldn't think white rice isn't that special. Now I think that there is a preconceived notion about risotto being laborious, and difficult to do at home, but it isn't. And it isn't so much a specific recipe, as it is a method. But if you are an avid food blog reader, or cookbook reader, or risotto eater you know that. If you are none of those things, well, that is where I come in. I hope this helps! So let's do this!

This is what I did:

  • Mushrooms
  • Arborio Rice
  • Olive Oil
  • Chicken or Veg Stock
  • Heavy Cream
  • Parmesan Cream
  • Lemon Juice (or White Wine)
  • Green Onion
  • Shrimp (Pretend the shrimp is in the picture above)
  • Butter
  • Garlic
  • Worcestershire Sauce
  • Salt and Pepper
Now I'm gonna be honest here, I forgot about you. (forgive me, I am a loud-mouth windbag and have a lot to say to you)Well not you, but you know what I mean. It was late, I was hungry, and I decided I wanted risotto. I had just seen my first episode of Hell's Kitchen. Sweet Pea Risotto, yum. My mouth was watering. Long story short, it was a last minute dinner. I forgot to grab my camera, and didn't remember until I was 17 minutes in.

So this is where my pictures start. There are a slew of steps before this, but don't judge me.
Basically what I did is use my basic method for risotto and add a bunch of stuff. This is generally my favorite way to eat risotto as a main dish. It is a complete meal in a bowl.

First I sliced, and sauteed some mushrooms (8oz?-small pint container thingy seen above)in olive oil (2 min.), I added some garlic (2 cloves-minced, or grated on microplane). Then I added in 1 cup of Arborio rice, and toasted them a little, making sure to completely coat in olive oil. Then I squeeze a little lemon juice in, you could use white wine, in fact I suggest it. But I was out, and instead of whining about being out of wine, I used lemon juice.

Now they was I learned in culinary school is to simmer the stock (or whatever liquid) in a separate pot, so it is hot when you add it to the rice, but I was lazy, and didn't want to dirty another pot, so I added it straight from the box.
You add about a cup of liquid and stir, stir, stir, until it is almost totally absorbed, and then add some more. How much liquid you add depends on the brand of rice you use, and whether Venus is in the 4th house. But for 1 Cup of rice I'd say 3-5 cups. I used around 4.5 cups.

Now this is where I cheated. Or was inspired if you will, I roughly used DetzelPretzel's (or Pastor Ryan as PW calls him) recipe for Shrimp Risotto that was featured on The Pioneer Woman's blog some time ago, for the shrimp. I melted a stick of butter in a pan with 2 cloves of minced (or microplaned) garlic, a little cayenne, and Worcestershire sauce, let it cool a little and then added the shrimp to the pot, not exactly how he does it-but again-I hate to dirty a dish if I don't have to.

See how the butter cools, and sticks to the shrimp a little. Yum. Fast forward a few minutes: When the rice is almost cooked, season liberally with coarse ground black pepper, and grill until opaque. Or do what I did, Crank the heat on the same pot and saute away.

When the rice is done stir in some heavy cream. About 1/4 cup. The rice is already pretty creamy, but a little more heavy cream never killed anyone right?... Don't answer that.

Now add some parmesan. and stir. Add in the cooked shrimp (chop it up first if the shrimp are particularly big, but used, 51-60 size, so I left 'em whole), and all the glorious butter it was cooked in.

And I loved Ryan's green onion thing. It adds a little crunch, and fresh oniony flavor. I also suggest a little fresh licorice basil.

Now spoon into a royal blue plastic bowl and enjoy!!
Fun Fact: did you know the color blue suppresses appetite? You're gonna need to eat this from a blue bowl so that you don't eat the entire pot of risotto.

My Risotto:
1 Cup Arborio Rice
8oz White button Mushrooms (sliced)
4 cloves garlic (minced)
2 Tbs Olive Oil
1/2 cup white wine (or juice of 1/2 lemon)
3-6 cups Chicken, or Veg stock or broth
1/4 Cup Heavy Cream
1/4-1/2 Cup Parmesan cheese
1 lb Shrimp
1/2 Cup or 1 Stick Butter
2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
1/4 tsp cayenne or red pepper flakes

Melt butter, add half the garlic, worcestershire sauce, and cayenne. Let cool slightly, and add shrimp. Let sit for 5 minutes, and then season liberally with coarse black pepper. At this point you can either grill the shrimp, or just saute until opaque, and firm.

In a large saute pan warm olive oil over medium heat, and add mushrooms, saute for about 2 minutes until just soft, add in remainder of garlic, saute until fragrant.

Add in rice and stir until every grain is coated in fat. Add in wine, or lemon juice and let cook for a couple of minutes, until the liquid has reduced slightly. Reduce heat to medium low.

Stir in 1 cup of stock at a time, stirring constantly. Once the rice has been almost completely absorbed add next cup of stock, keep stirring. Continue adding liquid and stirring until rice is desired texture. It should be a step further than al dente, when you bite into a grain. From when you start adding liquid to when the rice is completely cooked it is usually about 30 minutes.

Stir in cream, and cheese. Taste and season.

Chop up shrimp, and green onions and stir in over low heat, allow the shrimp to warm through.

Serve immediately, and then die happy.

Happy Birthday Laura!!

I am finally getting to posting these pictures from the surprise party I planned last weekend.

If you read any of my vague posts last week, it was crazy. The party was for Boomer's mother. If you didn't know, Boomer and I live with her. And were having the party at her home. Where we all live. Together.

There was a lot of sneaking around to get this together without her suspecting a thing.

Cleaning, but messing up a room again so it didn't look too clean. Grocery shopping, and prep cooking in the middle of the night, or butt-crack of dawn. Secret phone calls, and text messages with the guest of honor in the next room.


Last Saturday we literally had 1.5 hours to clean, rearrange furniture (which involved taking an weight bench to the garage), decorate, and cook, after Laura left, and before the guests got there.

It felt like a disaster, but it went well. Laura had no idea, the food was great, the weather was AMAZING (if we had known this we wouldn't have rearranged the furniture-and moved the weight bench outside).
I am proudest of this cake. My handywork. Well, and Boomer's too. I baked Beatty's chocolate cake, by Ina Garten. I usually tweak recipes a bit, to my liking. But I have made this cake a number of times before and it is so moist and delicious. It is perfect just the way it is (just make sure you use an 8" with a 2" depth, or a 9", otherwise it will overflow-it's a lot of cake. It is my favorite chocolate layering cake, not to be confused with my favorite chocolate sheet/cupcake cake.

To complement I used my favorite cream cheese frosting. It's delicious. It put it on everything.

It would even be good on shoe leather... oh, wait... no, that's bacon.

The "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign was Boomer's idea. I gave her the blueprints and direction for it, but it was her hands that made it. I am proud.

Anyway, Happy 50th Laura! We all love you very much, and hope you had a ton of fun celebrating how fabulous you are!!!


P.s. Here is the menu:
Cheesy Browns (This was very much adapted-I used diced potatoes instead of browns, 1 can cheddar cheese soup, 1 can cream of chicken, a bag of sharp cheddar cheese, doubled all of the spices, and added cayenne, and diced onion)

Bacon Wrapped Weinies - Yum. I didn't use this sauce, but it sounds delicious, instead I whipped up a batch of my 5 minute BBQ sauce, which is similar to this but needs it's own post. You could use a jar of your fav BBQ though. But go easy-you really want to taste the smokey bacon.

I promise there was more food than this (no photographic evidence-sorry). But the remainder of teh menu was so generously brought by a few of our gracious guests!

Thanks Kelly, Robin, and Auntie Angie!! You are lifesavers!!!

What is your favorite go-to party recipe?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wednesday already?!

Here's the deal.

The party went off without a hitch! Food was great, friends had fun, and the guest of honor was surprised! Which is the whole goal of a surprise party!

Sunday I woke up late in the afternoon to the sounds of cleaning (Thank you, Boomer)! I was relieved, because I did some cleaning before going to bed at around 3 a.m. Sunday morning, and dreaded having to do it before work later that day, and because I dislike cleaning. Period.

I went to work Sunday night all sluggish, and still tired. While it wasn't crazy busy (thank you lord) it was busy enough that I didn't get out of there as early as I would have liked (read: 5 minutes after getting there).

Sunday night I got home, went to bed, and got up early Monday to do homework. That afternoon, I had a pseudo-dentist appointment with Boomer's cousin. She is studying to become a dental assistant and need patients to do practice procedures on. She did a great job, and I appreciated the free cleaning!

Monday night I finished homework and went to bed, only to wake up Tuesday morning to a terrible headache, backache, stomachache, and nausea. I was experiencing come food poisoning like symptoms (not pretty), but it seems to have been more of a stomach flu because Boomer went off to school this morning fit as a fiddle-and we had eaten the exact same things the previous 24 hours.

I stayed home and puked, and slept for 12 hours. When I was feeling better, I made a quick trip to Target for some necessities, had some dinner, and now I am on the couch obsessing over every chocolate chip cookie recipe I can find, and fighting the giving into the urge to eat a late night snack.

The plan tomorrow is to do some homework, research more cookie recipes, maybe test one, and find my camera so I can upload some pictures, and show you the fun I can't remember had Saturday night!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

She just keeps going and going....

It's like the freaking energizer bunny is trying to takeover my soul.

The level of productivity is high. But only for things that don't involve school, homework, and studying.

The number of hours of rest have dwindled. Although I did take a nice nap today.

And the amount of recipes read, researched, adapted, and prepared is astronomical. It is sucking the living right out of me! Or breathing new life into me. Interpret it however you want, it depends on where your priorities are, you know, considering the whole school thing.

I was up until 7 a.m. today reading The Pioneer Woman's blog. I love Ree Drummond. She is the sort of women I aspire to be. Strong, smart, witty, creative, nurturing, good-hearted, and adorable. The love she has for her husband (purrr), kids, parents, siblings, and community is undoubtably one of the best characteristics any person could possess. It sounds a little like I am hitting on Mrs. Drummond, but it is completely platonic, I swear. Well, I shouldn't swear because that's bad, but I promise. I think. Just don't hold me to it.

I also spend an obscene amount of time on Smitten Kitchen. But my rant about my love for Deb, and the fact that I have wished I'd been born Jewish since I was like 6 years (besides the whole pork thing-don't ever come between me and my swine), needs it's own post.

I swear promise I read more than food blogs. Really.

Where was I? I know I was trying to tell you something. Oh, right!

I been Busy.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

And so it's begun

So remember my post about the things I want? Remember #5: 28 Hours in a day?


That still stands. But not stands still-just so you aren't confused.

Because my time is definitely not standing still.

So if anyone of you knows Father Time, as I am sure one of you does (because I am pretty positive he is real-and spiteful), will you ask him to hurry up an get on it.

I'm Busy.

More soon,
Sooner rather than later,
but-probably later,


Monday, October 4, 2010

Hey there!

Hi! I don't think we have met before, my name is Hannah. I am a 23 year old student, cook, server, party-planner, friend, lover, and optimistic skeptic. I have a list of things that I want to accomplish in my lifetime, and some habits that contradict those things. But since we haven't met before, and you might be here to learn more, I thought I would share.
  1. I am a full-time student.
  2. I have 3 part-time jobs, server, high school dance team coach, and intern (2 of which only overlap for about 30 days of the year)
  3. I love my family very much.
  4. I had a happy, and complicated childhood. I think it matured me emotionally, and socially way faster than I would have liked. But I find that I am making up for it now-by acting like a 12-year old.
  5. I was born, and raised in south Minneapolis. I currently live 9 blocks from my childhood home (where my parents, (2) siblings, and (1) niece still live), with my girlfriend (Boomer), and her parents. It isn't ideal, but it works for now.
  6. I have been with Boomer for 6 years. It is hard, we both have a lot of issues, but we get through them. One day at a time.
  7. I burn the candle at both ends (that's quite the visual ain't it?). I stretch myself too thin (I wish I could stretch myself thinner-literally, not figuratively).
  8. I am a procrastinator. I take on a lot and I think I can get it all done, but sometimes I can't. Partly because I procrastinate. I put things off to work on other things, and the other things suffer, because I agreed to do the first things, without considering how much time the other things will take. Did you catch that? Your head hurts? Should I try to explain it better? No? Good. I don't have time for silly things like articulating myself.
  9. I am a little irresponsible. I have been working since I was 14, and for the majority of high school was very financially independent. Don't get me wrong, my mother was quite the provider-but she also believed in instilling in her kids the value of a dollar, and how hard people have to work for what they have. So aside from, food, shelter, and dance classes (which believe me was not on the dollar menu), I paid for anything else I needed. So once I graduated from high school, and got to college and met all of those kids that didn't have to work during high school (all of my friends, and most of my class did), I was jealous. And decided that it was my turn to be a kid. Needless to say, I got myself into trouble (more on that later-maybe). See #4. Me=12 year old.
  10. I love to cook, and bake. I went to culinary school. But don't get any funny ideas about me being a chef, because in fact I am a culinary school dropout (cue Frankie Avalon) "Cooking school dropout... No graduation day for you....". I had gotten my fill, and decided to go back to a traditional education (mostly because I had such a hard time even being considered for internships when applying my junior year). I may go back one day. But if I do, it will be in france. There is something very fulfilling, and satisfying about starting, and finishing something. And so gratifying about knowing that I have control over creating something so necessary for life. This is what I do when I feel I have lost control over my own life. This is my meditation.
  11. I have a list of things I want to do in my life. I'm hoping that this blog will help me do it. Keep me on track, focused, and with committing to one more thing in my life (see #7) I hope it will keep me on track with time management (see #8). I'm hoping that this blog, and others like it will keep me inspired, and motivated to keep moving forward-even after missed deadlines.

Please comment to let me know you are following along, and if you have your own list, and share it in the comments, or write me a little e-mail if it's to personal to share with my mother, because besides you she is the only other person reading this (love you Mom)!

Peace, love, and bacon grease,