Wednesday, January 5, 2011

101 in 1,001

We is 'bout to get real wordy up in here!

This whole 101 goals in 1,001 days thing I blame on my friend, Kristin. She posted her list on the 1st of the year, and after pouring over her's for almost an hour I decided I should write my own. While I do have an ongoing list (who's deadline I have pushed back twice) I have rolled that list over into this one, added a few more, and set a farther out deadline.

I like this concept of 101 things in 1,001 days because it really forces you to come up with big and small measurable goals. And gives you more than 2 years time (versus mine, where I gave myself a year) to complete. Which given the fact that it is much more extensive, is good, but it also takes the pressure off a bit, because some of these are easliy remedied with a trip to the mall. But, it has taken me approximately 4 days to compile this list. And after reading over it again, I find that a lot of these overlap, and by completing one goal, it takes me one step closer to completing another. Which, I believe, is key in keeping up the motivation.

I suggest you make a list of your own. It will really make you think.

Start Date: January 5, 2011
Completion Date: October 2, 2013

In Progress is in Italics

Completed is in Bold

1. Visit 3 new states (0/3)
2. Visit a new country
3. See the Grand Canyon
4. See Mount Rushmore
5. Visit Ground Zero
6. See Golden Gate Bridge
7. Fly first class
8. Go to a blogging conference (Foodbuzz, Blogher, EatWriteRetreat)
9. Take the train to Duluth
10. See the Vikings play outside of Minnesota

11. Get a brazilian wax
12. Read 10 new books (yes, cookbooks count!)
13. Run a 5K
14. Run a 10K
15. Run a 1/2 Marathon
16. Run a Marathon
17. Take a dance class
18. Go on a dance audition
19. Wear a bikini (in public)
20. Ride a motorcycle
21. Play a round of golf
22. Get my tattoo
23. Wear 5" heels
24. Write a list of 25 things I like about myself
25. Walk through a haunted house
26. Go Skydiving
27. Adopt a dog
28. Get my own place
29. Take a ballroom dance class
30. Purchase a DSLR
31. Take a photography class
32. Make a family calendar with photos I've taken
33. See a musical on Broadway
34. Purchase the t-shirt quilt I have been eyeing for 4.5 years

35. Lose 20 lbs

36. Lose 50 lbs
37. Lose 75 lbs
38. Lose 101 lbs
39. Drink 2 liters of water a day for 21 days
40. Run everyday for 21 days
41. Exercise everyday for 21 days
42. Take a daily vitamin for 21 days

43. Understand basic html
44. Learn the game of golf
45. Learn to play a song on the guitar
46. Learn to speed read
47. Plant a successful herb garden
48. Get CPR certified
49. Learn to play one card game, really well
50. Learn to knit
51. Knit an infinity scarf
52. Learn to drive a stick shift

53. Purchase Domain name
54. Design (or contract) a personalized header
55. Develop and post 30 new recipes (0/30)
56. Maintain an average of 4.4 posts per week
57. Write 4 guest posts for various blogs- if the opportunity arises (0/4)

58. Complete bachelor's degree
59. Get a full-time job
60. Get a freelance writing job
61. Go to 3 networking events (0/3)

62. Purchase an Erin Condren planner, and use it
63. Buy an external hardrive, and organize said hardrive
64. Get a closet organizer
65. File all of important papers (in a file cabinet)
66. Get rid of all clothes not worn in last 12 months
67. Get ANOTHER shoe organizer

68. Pay off credit cards
69. Save $1,001
70. Save for and purchase a new-to-me car
71. Invest more than the minimum to IRA for 6 months (0/6)

Food and Drink:
72. Drink only water for one week
73. Eat at 10 new(to me) local restaurants
74. Eat in for 1 whole month
75. Give up pop for 1 year
76. Eat at 3 "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives" joints (0/3)
77. Try 5 new foods (0/5)
78. Make, pack, and enjoy a gourmet picnic
79. Visit a local farmer's market 3 times per season (0/9)
80. Host at least 4 dinner parties a year
81. Host a pizza party
82. Serve a gourmet 4-course dinner

83. Start and maintain a monthly away from home date night with Boomer
84. Write and send 1 "Just to say, Hi!" note every month for 6 months (0/6)
85. Start and maintain a bi-weekly girls night with Jules and J
86. Throw a kick ass bachelorette party for Jules
87. Foster relationships with 3 old friends-to the "hanging out/texting" stage (0/3)

88. Write and post 20 Operation Beautiful notes (0/20)
89. Give 5 "just because" gifts (0/5)
90. Volunteer at least 10 hours to a new charity (10 hours each) (0/10)
91. Give Blood
92. Let my sister know how much I appreciate her
93. Raise $300 for ADA's Step Out Walk
94. Actually RUN ADA'a Step Out Walk

95. Get 2 full body massages (0/2)
96. Get hair extensions
97. Get monthly manicure/pedicure from April-September (0/6)
98. Get a professional bra fitting
99. Buy 1 high quality bra

I am 2 short. This is mostly frustrating because I don't want to have to go back and re-number this list if they fall into one of the above categories.

Have suggestions? Share! For realisies. I need help!

Are you going to write a list? If so, please link! I would love to read it!


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