Wednesday, February 16, 2011

24 hours in Pictures

I'm still in the process of transferring files and setting up my new computer exactly how I want it, and I haven't gotten a new blogging application yet. I thinking Ecto, any suggestions for Macs?

Anyhoo. Yesterday got away from me, between babysitting, and cleaning up after babysitting, and getting my camera in the mail, reading the manual, going for walks to take pictures, and dinner with friends I got home late, exhausted, and instead of uploading 200+ pictures to blog, I went to bed.

If you follow me on Twitter, the last two mornings I've talked about the Pancake Cake. I tried a whole wheat version today... both recipes still need tweaking. I may have to try a half AP/half whole wheat approach. Hopefully I'll have a recipe for you tomorrow. For now, here is the last 24 hours in photos.

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