Monday, February 14, 2011

All Things New

After breakfast Peyton and I dropped Boomer off at work, and then headed to my nieces school for her talent show.

She sang Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me." She did fantastic! I am so proud of her! She sang so that the whole room could hear her, and really got into her performance, and so did the whole crowd! It was a lot of fun! All of the kids in the show (37 total) did really well, and you could tell they were just having a blast! Peyton really liked one of the last little boys that did the robot to the Black Eyed Peas song "Boom Boom Pow." He was great, and after he was done Peyton kept saying, "Bring the robot back!"

I apologize for the dark photo, we were sitting very far away.

For lunch Peyton had Pb & J, and I had all things new.

A little of this: Chobani Pomegranate. I've never had this flavor, and it was delicious. I love that it has actual Pom arils at the bottom. It makes me feel like I'm eating real fruit, and give texture. I'm glad I went back to Target today to stock up on all the new and (new to me) flavors since they are on sale for $1!!

I tried a new recipe for black bean burgers, modified it to my liking, it was good, but it didn't turn out exactly how I would have liked, so I need to modify some more and then I'll post the recipe. I also had a new kind of boxed mac and cheese, and it was less than delicious. I'm sure it was my fault because after I drained the pasta I remembered I didn't have milk. Go, figure.

So lunch was a little lackluster today, but I know dinner will more than make up for it. Right, Boomer?! ;-)

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