Friday, February 25, 2011

The Drive. The Debauchery. The Border. The Bear.

For the last 8 years a group of my friends goes up to Lutsen, MN for a long weekend of bonding, drinking, skiing, and debauchery. This is my second year of attendance, and while the group size can range from 10-30, it is always a good time. We play games, drinking and otherwise, tell stories, point an laugh at each others goofs, and get closer. But this year (since the majority of attendees are female) we also thought it would be a cool idea to do some sightseeing, and touristing.

Let's start at the beginning....

The drive...





The Debauchery...







(I kind of can't believe I'm posting this, possibly the most hideous face I have ever made.)



Karaoke may have been involved.

Then, breakfast with the girls at Blue Water...




Two eggs over easy, hashbrowns, whole wheat toast, and two sausage patties (that were HUGE). It was greasy, and delicious. It was exactly what I needed to start my day, and fight of a hangover.

After breakfast we hit up the Grand Portage Casino, for all of 30 minutes. We each gambled some money, I lost $5. :-( And then we were off to Canadia! Well not really we just looked at the border. You need a passport to cross that big white line these days, and we were not prepared.


See those trees back there? Those are Canadian trees! They wouldn't let us get any closer than this, and they wouldn't let me buy any maple syrup, fat back bacon, or hug a Mountie. Dreams... dashed.


And then we brought our butts back to Minnesota, and decided to be real cool, pull over in front of the border on the side of a freeway and run to the median to take a picture with a giant cut out sign of our home state! Aren't you glad you're my friend?!

"Minnesota (and Hannah) Welcomes You!"

On the way back to the house we stopped at Ryden's Border store. We found lots of knick knacks of the American and Canadian variety that cost an arm and a leg, and "100% Pure Canadian Maple Syrup" that was made in Minnesota, and cute souvenir clothing. I bought a sweatshirt. You will see photos of me and Miss Erin matching. It will be epic. We also found a friendly bear. I named him Fred.


In case you can't read the sign it says, "PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THE BEAR. FONDLING DRIVES ME CRAZY."

Fondling drives me crazy to Fred.

Until tomorrow friends. Get ready for some more debauchery (with a capital D), in Canadian apparel!

Oh yeah, and I have no cell service and no internet (I said that already but I want you to know how upset that makes me), so Twitter will be silent. We're going old school, so if you wanna tweet me, smoke signals work.

Not really.

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