Monday, March 7, 2011

The Meat Free Decision

I am by no means a devote Catholic. I don't think I even count as Catholic (should Catholic be capitalized?). I consider myself Spiritual Agnostic, however many moons ago I was baptized catholic. I don't ever recall going to a catholic church growing up, but I know my parents say they are Catholic, and then there is the whole baptism thing, so for all intended purposes let's just say I'm catholic.

Ash Wednesday is this Wednesday. Which means, Lent. I really like participating in Lent. Whether I'm catholic or not, I like the idea of giving up something in the name of something holy, or spiritual, sacrificing for a higher power. Now as I said before, I'm not really catholic, so I don't really know a lot about Lent, and the story/reason behind it (please enlighten me), but that is the reason I've built in my head. I've participated in lent since high school and my "sacrifices" have run the gamut from giving up pop, to pray/meditating every day, to volunteering X amount of time at the homeless shelter.

But this year, I have been struggling to come up with what I can "sacrifice" or give back. And I thought I wanted it to be something that will benefit me, and the greater good. And what came to mind was going vegetarian.

I don't want to say for sure, because truthfully I don't know that I can live without bacon, or seafood. I just don't know that I could actually do it. I've thought about just doing Meatless Monday, but I almost feel like that's not enough, and I've thought about participating in Fish Friday, but again, it seems like not enough. I'm one of those all or nothing people, which I know isn't helpful to anyone, so help show me that it's ok to compromise. Or tell me that I'm a big baby, suck it up, and Just Do It!



2 eggs over-easy on a sandwich thin with melted cheddar, 2 strips of bacon, and a cup of coffee with milk. Why yes, that is Minnie Mouse peeking out behind my eggs!


It was a Disney kind of day! ;-)


Rounded out with a 2% Mango Cho! This was delicious! I've never had 2% Cho, and it was so creamy. And Mango (along with Pineapple) is def one of my favorite flavors now!

I took a little nap after this. I worked late last night, and didn't get to bed until 2 a.m., and woke up around 7 a.m., so I took a nice 2 hours nap. I'm still not all that hungry for lunch yet. I think I'm going to squeeze in a workout, and then have a late lunch. Off I go!

Do you observe Lent? If so, what luxury are you giving up, or plan on doing differently?

What would you do in terms of going vegetarian for Lent? Do I observe meatless monday, 2 meatless meals a day, meatless Sat.-Thurs.? Or do I go with my all-or-nothing attitude?


  1. I say you can't give up all meat for the forty days and forty nights(or how ever many days it ends up being). Well, maybe you can give it up. I am not trying to discourage you, but I think you should give yourself one day a week (Friday's) to eat meat. I think that is what I am going to do...or give up television. I have not decided yet.


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