Saturday, April 30, 2011

On a Totally Unrelated Note...

Workout: None. I was going to walk yesterday, and today, but the weather isn't cooperating. Yesterday was up at 4:45 a.m. to watch the #royalwedding, and went back to sleep for a FOUR HOUR nap It was accidental, but it felt good. By the time I got up the weather was kinda cold, and windy, so I put off my walk until today. Not realizing that today would be equally cold and windy, andrainy. I might do some Jillian in my living room, but I doubt it.

Breakfast: I usually only post highlights of my meals here on HL. Mostly because I haven't mastered the food porn thing, my meals are usually pretty boring, and I haven't gotten over the self-conciousness of whipping out my camera and taking pics of my food at every meal... especially because the people I live with don't know about the blog. The reason I am telling you this is because breakfast today was most definitely a highlight. And because it was ugly, and I am shy, I didn't take a picture..... But imagaine, sausage, 1 egg + 1 egg white, asparagus, onions, and a Swiss Laughing Cow cheese all scrambled together. God, it was good. I had it with grapes, whole wheat toast, and OJ/Coconut water.

Since I should have posted at least 2 more times this week, and I should be exercising right now, let's talk about something totally unrelated....


Have you seen that video? No? Well, now it's story time. The first time I heard "The Lazy Song" By Bruno Mars I was appalled. It's a song all about being lazy, and not doing anything, and just laying in bed all day. I mostly felt that way because I am in the thrawls of an internal battle about getting a full-time job, or a second part-time job, getting back to school, paying off my debts, eating better and getting active. I resented him being able to sing about not doing anything all day. And I felt that he had a responsiblity to his young impressionable fans to be a role model, and not be an advocate for inactivity and obesity.

Then I fell off my soapbox, and got jiggy with it. It's a catchy song, it isn't his responsibility to teach our kids about ambition, and health, and let's face it, it's darn catchy (did I say that already?). It's a fun song.

And then last weekend I went out for a friends birthday (Happy Birthday Ricky!), and saw the music video. I don't watch music videos. Unless it's an artist that I obsess over, and await their next single, and stalk them on Twitter (follow me). [Sidenote: Remember when MTV actually played music videos? I remember running home from the bus stop in elementary, and middle school to catch TRL with Carson Daly's baby face (not to be confused with Babyface).] So, when I go out, I am transfixed by the giant T.V. screens playing music videos. It was there that my like for "The Lazy Song" turned into full blown L.O.V.E. Let me show you why...

You feel better now don't you?! You're welcome.P.s. If you are a child of the 90's/2000's please click on all of the links above.


  1. Your breakfast sounds awesome! :) And I love the Lazy song!! It's so fun and cute! :)

  2. Sheila- It was good! I almost had it again for dinner... And I am seriously in love with the music video. And whenever I hear it on the radio in my car or my iPod while wogging, I do the head shake thing to the melody! My fellow Minneapolitans probably think I'm nuts...


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