Monday, April 4, 2011

Playing Catch-Up

Let's play catch-up. Another week (or more) had passed, and while I do apologize, I haven't exactly been sitting on my bum avoiding you. I actually struggle with this on a regular basis. Every couple of weeks I get in a routine that works for me. A schedule that allows me to work, eat right, exercise, blog, sleep, and get everything done on my to do list on a regular basis. But then my schedule changes (usually I end up working more), and that routine goes out the window.

And then the soul-searching begins, and I try to figure out what it is I am doing wrong, and thinking there has to be a better way. And trying to figure out a new routine. But I work nights, and it can be really tough for me and my sleep schedule, blogging routine, and exercise regime. I end up working from 5p.m.-12 a.m.-ish, get home, get a second wind, go to bed around 3 (or 4) a.m., and I'm up around noon.... (I'm one of those people that needs 9 hours of sleep to function) and Oops there goes my day. At that point I shower, eat, do a load of laundry, and get ready to leave for work. It's an ugly cycle, but I am going to work on it.

Here are some ways I have thought to help with getting in a routine:
  • Blogging when I get home from work at night
  • Forcing myself out of bed a little earlier in the afternoon to hit the gym
  • Making most of my blog-worthy recipes on my day off
  • Try to have at least 2 days off each week
  • Spend more time outside, soak up the sun, and relax
Enough with the talking. Let's see what has been going on outside of work:

It's spring! I walked to mi madre's house, and took Pherroshus for a walk on Saturday. We went along the creek, and around the lake. The creek is completely melted, and the lake is almost thawed! And there is life, the Mallards are home!

With my schedule being a little crazy, and backwards, my eating is out of wack! I haven't been cooking nearly as much as I would like, so I've been trying to start out my days with Green Monsters so that I know I am getting fruits and veggies in!
I made a trip to Trader Joe's (twice!), AND Whole Foods this week! I got some goodies. Sunflowers to brighten my life, Sunflower Seed Butter to feed my belly, Dark Chocolate Almonds to feed my soul, and TJ's Very Green Supplement to nourish my body!
I've enjoyed a few Cookie Dough Balls from my freezer, and iced milk...
I've done some work on my inspiration board...
I ate a GIGANTIC Strawberry! It was huge! Like the size of a tennis ball, huge!
And I was "in" a wedding, along with my friend Jess! My friend Julia got married a little over a week ago to a really great guy. The three of us have been friends since 3rd grade, and I love them so much! I say I was "in" the wedding because it was a small courthouse ceremony (so no formal wedding party) and dinner, but the reception is in August.

Along with all that I've been working 6 days a week, and trying to work out 3 days a week. I'm working on getting my schedule in check, and hopefully we will be getting back to normal around here soon!


  1. Jeez. Your life is uber busy! Hope you can accomplish everything!

  2. Sinful Sundays- haha, some weeks more than others! I always joke that I just need an extra 4 hours added onto my day! Thanks for stopping by! I hope you stick around for some upcoming fun!

  3. Goodness sure are one busy gal! :) Sounds like your routine works pretty good for you. You need time to be outdoors, to work out, to work, to sleep, to play, to have fun, etc, and it sounds like you're squeezing it in. But like you said, when you have to end up working more, it means you have to sacrifice time to do something you would have been doing if you weren't working.

    I just bought a jar of that sunflower butter last week. I haven't tried it yet because I wanted to finish some almond butter I had open, but I'm looking forward to trying it. Bet it's wonderful!

    Anyway, have fun and enjoy your beautiful sunflowers! :)

  4. Sheila-
    The sunflower butter really is good. It tastes just like sunflower seeds! Not your typical nutbutter! I feel like it would be good in both sweet and savory application, like in place of tahini perhaps....?


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