Saturday, May 14, 2011

23 is the New 15

Remember when I was talking about stifling self-doubt. Yeah well, now we have another problem. I woke up bright an early (well, for me) this morning, and got my butt to the lake for a wog. And before I get to far into my story...

Dear people I live with,

Yes I know it is raining. But I appreciate that you feel the need to tell me that what the weather is like in your incredulous tone whenever I'm leaving the house in my running gear. Not really though, because it makes me feel like you are questioning my ability to see water falling from the sky. I watch the news, I check the weather, I have eyes. They work great. And I have seen rain before, I also assure that as big of a "rhymes with witch" as I am, I will not melt when met with precipitation. You are underestimating my humanity, and my sanity -which I am almost positive I lost the day I signed up for my 10 mile race,but that's besides the point- and I do not appreciate it. But thanks for the forecast.

Love, Hannah

Anyway. Now that that is off my chest. Since talking with my BIL (Brother-in-law), and seeing him again last night at a birthday dinner, and hearing that I've inspired him to start running again, I've felt the need to get my butt in gear. So I made sure to be up before noon to get my wog in before my day of errands, and prep before the night ahead of me. Even though it was raining, and hovering around 45*, I put on my sports bra (which I am coming to thank my lucky stars that I found so early in my running journey), laced up my sneaks, and got myself out the door. Last night before bed I told myself that if it wasn't raining I would work my way around the entire lake walking, and jogging as much as I could handle, but it was, so I stuck to the 15 minutes out, 15 minutes back routine I've been doing for 2 weeks now. During a walking break in the first leg of my morning wog I heard an approaching group of people, as the first few passed me I realized it was a group of teenage boys on some sort of training run, once their entire group was in front of me their coach turned around, and it was none other than my high school crush... AWK.

My initial confidence, and pride that I had been feeling for actually getting out and doing my wog for the second time this week in the rain quickly dissipated, and my cheeks got hot with embarrassment. Which was a lot of embarrassment, because I was freezing! Suddenly I was a 15 year-old again. I immediately turned around, and headed in the other direction, while watching them closely making their way around the other side of the lake to make sure I wouldn't run into them again, only face first this time. I don't think he recognized me because my back was to him, my hood was up, and my stature is considerably larger than it was the last time I saw him back in high school. But I can't shake the embarrassment. And I can't shake being embarrassed for being embarrassed. I never considered the fact that I would run (figuratively, of course) into people I knew way back when, while making my way around the numerous lakes in my city! But being a towny (I use this term loosely since my "town" has a population of over 370,000 people), I have to face that fact. Especially because I live in south Minneapolis, which is a very small community considering how large it is (does that make sense?). It is guaranteed that you will see at least 3 people you know (or knew in a previous lifetime) anytime you go to a south Minneapolis lake in the months of May-September (depending on the weather). And chances are, while I am coasting along in complete oblivion of the world around me in my "Runner's High" (aka trying in desperation not to pass out, and drown in my own sweat) sprinting (dragging) my way around Lake Calhoun, there are bound to be people who will see my jiggly bits jiggling. I'm thinking maybe I'll just run circles around my house instead. Well, at least until my jiggly bits stop jiggling.

Workout: 1.69 miles in 30 minutes. It was more walking than running because I forgot to put on my compression sleeves, my shins hurt, really bad. And so did my pride.


Breakfast: Cinnamon raisin bagel thin, lingonberry preserves, cheddar, a slice of deli ham, and a fried egg. A very berry Chobani Champion, with blackberries. Along with a 50/50 mix of Coconut Water, and O.J.

DSC_0014.JPG DSC_0013.JPG

Enjoyed while icing my shins to numbness.


The plan for the rest of the day includes a quick trip to the grocery store (my fourth this week), and quite a bit of cooking before heading out for an exciting girl's game night in!

Have a great weekend er'body!!


  1. those bagel thins are my absolute favorite!

    love the pic of you icing! glad you are taking care of those shins :) have a good weekend!


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