Thursday, May 19, 2011

Orthotics Will Straighten Out My Life... I mean, Feet

I've had a busy last couple of days, I had meetings, and more meetings, my mom went out of town, and asked me to watch Pherroshus. I had an appointment with my podiatrist, a quick grocery trip, a haircut for Pherroshus, car trouble, and today's (car trouble related) depression. But let's start by looking at some food pictures!



Tuesday's breakfast. 2 over-easy eggs, 3 pork sausages, whole wheat toast, and fruit salad, with an iced coffee.


Tuesday's dinner. Cheese tortelloni with sauteed cremini mushrooms, spinach, and shrimp, in a cheesy cream sauce. And a big glass of iced tea.


Wednesday's breakfast started out as a leftover fruit salad protein smoothie and iced coffee, drunk through my new stainless steel straws. But I had three sips, and decided that it was gross, and I didn't want to drink the smoothie because I really wanted something savory. So, I gave it to Boomer, and I reheated some leftover pasta.


Which looks weird and gloopy, but I promise it was delicious. I also enjoyed a side of blackberries, because I have this thing where I need to have fruit with every meal.

Breakfast today was a mushroom/spinach/cheese omelet with 1 egg, and 2 egg whites.

I have spent most of the week so far outside because the weather has been so amazing! It has taken forever for it to warm up and stop raining, and I am so excited that I can say it actually feels like spring, in fact it's starting to feel more like summer. We may have skipped the spring this year.


And I'm hanging out with this guy while my mom is out of town.

DSC_0032.JPG DSC_0010.JPG

That is the same dog in both pictures above. It is just his before and after shot. Because his undercoat is so thick it gets matted really easily in his armpits, around his face, and legs. So if my parents aren't really diligent about brushing him (which isn't easy because he hates it), when we cut his hair he gets a buzz cut. I think he is embarrassed, and loves it at the same time. He doesn't like his picture taken when it's this short, but he loves sun-bathing like this. Weirdo.


If you have checked the new "Work It Out" page, you know that that is where I am recording my completed, and planned workouts for each week so I can keep track of it all in one place. You also know that on Tuesday I took a 45 minute yoga class via ExerciseTV On Demand. And Wednesday, I ran 2.46 miles with a run/walk ratio of 90/120 sec. in 42 minutes.


Today is a rest day. And I plan on doing just that. Resting. B-Money and I may take a walk with the dog, but that's about it.

I really wanted to talk about injuries today. Being a dancer, I started experiencing shin splints in high school. And because I was so hard-core I just danced through the pain, no resting, no icing, no compressing, no R.I.C.E.-ing. So they never fully healed. It was to the point that whenever I was just walking around my shins would hurt, and pretty soon I hated walking anywhere. When I wanted to start running I knew I had to address the pain and do something about it so that I felt well enough to run/walk for more than a block. So I starting icing, wearing compression sleeves, and bought new shoes. It helped, a lot, and I have been able to run, and walk with minimal pain. But I started to experience some pain in my arches, so I decided I should go see the doctor. I always get nervous when I get 2 injuries that could be connected. One injury causing another, is bad news bears.


I made an appointment, and 3 days later I was in my podiatrist office getting an exam. The told me I had flat feet (which I knew), and that I have a tendency to over pronate slightly (which I figured, given the flat feet), they also told me that shin splints are quite common in flat footed people because not have an arch means I have virtually no shock absorption in my feet, which means my lower legs are taking the brunt of the force. He said that they may never fully heal, especially because I've had them consistently for almost a decade, but I just have to do my best to keep them from getting any worse. Sufficient rest in-between high-impact workouts, ice, compression socks during and after high-impact workouts, and anti-inflammatories. He also said that I have weak ankles (mostly my right), and weak tendons from multiple sprains, which is making my heel stick out. So he is having me fitted for custom orthotics that will correct my ankle alignment and bring my heels back underneath my ankle, and give me some arch support.

Screen shot 2011-05-19 at 2.35.56 PM.png Source

Basically I am crooked, and it is throwing off everything in my body. He says that they should help with the arch pain, as well as the shin splints, as long as I keep icing, and compressing, and cutting down my workouts by 10% every time it hurts more than usual. It will even help with my tight hips, because once one thing is not in line the whole building starts to fall apart. So soon my legs will be perfectly stacked on top of my feet, and I will be almost pain free. I am also guessing I will be about 2 inches taller, have a college degree, and be debt free once I'm straightened out. ;-)

What do you do when you have an injury?

-I read as much as possible about my aches and pains, and try to figure out what it could be, I also ice the inflamed, and heat the achy. If nothing else works I go to the doctor. I have a phobia of going to the doctor, and having them tell me nothing is wrong, or there is nothing they can do. Ahem... remember when I had pneumonia?

Disclaimer: The above advice, and wisdom is from my personal experience, Google, my general physician, and my podiatrist, and what works for me. I have no real knowledge of anything, except how to switch majors 13 times, and drag out your bachelor's degree so that you never graduate. If you have an injury do what you need to do, wether it be see a witch doctor, physical therapist, or psychic. Take my words with a grain of salt. I know nothing.


  1. glad you found something that is going to help! it will feel good to know that your legs are not taking so much shock :) Good luck! and I loved reading all of this info! And you take the best food pictures...seriously...that food looks delicious!

  2. Its always interesting to read what others eat in a different part of the world. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That food looks quite delicious


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