Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Someone Get Bobby Flay On The Phone!

Yo! I hope everyone's week is off to a good start!!

My wireless has been down for almost 24 hours, and I really wanted to post when it started working again, but alas, no time. So let's play a little catch-up.

So, yesterday after my Elvis Smoothie, I showered and headed out to watch Boombastic's softball game. The weather didn't get any warmer. And I was a whiny, pouty, crabbykins about it. It was still 34* on the 1st of May and I was sitting outside, wrapped in a Mickey Mouse blanket, trying not to freeze to death. I'm still bitter about it. Boom Boom was nervous AAAALLLLLLLL day about the game! Truthfully I was sick of hearing about it, but I was excited to get out there and root for my team! And my Boo hit a single! Woot!

[Meet the Devils]
After the game (tied 10-10), we were starving and wanted to get dinner from America's Next Great Restaurant, Soul Daddy at Mall of America. Did you ever watch that show on NBC. I was obsessed, and became so invested, and excited for the restaurant to open at #MOA! Well, the finale was Sunday, and the winner Soul Daddy was opening on Monday!


Unfortunately, they experienced such a high volume of customers (a 2 hour wait at it's peak) that the kept running out of food (I'm watching #thevoice right now, and instead of food just typed music...), so they closed 3 hours early! I was bumbed, and mad, and irritated! Didn't they know that it was gonna be really busy on opening day?! I mean, it was a national television competition! What did they think was going to happen!? They said they were going to try to better prepare themselves, and reopen Tuesday at 11 a.m., and stay open until they ran out of food. I'll probably try some other day, but... Whatever. I'm mad. I might call Bobby Flay and complain. And p.s. the fried chicken didn't make it back on the menu. I really should call Bobby Flay.

We were starvin' marvin by this time, and opted to go next door to Tony Roma's. Boomer had never been, and I could care less what I was gonna eat, as long as I ate. IMO it was a little overpriced (but I was at the Mall of America, where everything is a little overpriced), but it ended up being pretty good. I ordered a starter salad with balsamic vinaigrette.


There was a hair in my salad, which for me is no big deal. I work in food service, and have for almost 10 years, stuff happens. But because I work in food service, and there is a hair in my food, I examine it carefully to make sure it isn't my own. It wasn't, not to mention it was buried in the bottom of my salad, and no matter what you say, if a hair falls out of my head, and into a plate of food in front of me for no more than 3 minutes (I had JUST started eating), there is no way it is going to wiggle itself down into the bottom of the bowl, with just a little bit sticking out. The manager on duty dropped off out drinks from the bar, and since she was there already I politely mentioned the hair, and just asked if I could have a new one. She said yes, brought one out, and proceeded to tell me that all their kitchen staff where hairnets, and are very careful, and it rarely happens, but she would take it off my bill... No apology, and a passive aggressive way of saying to me that it was probably my hair. I work in food service. You aren't fooling me. I mastered that tone.

Anyway... I then got Rib tips, garlic mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob.


Yum. The ribs were tender and meaty, the sauce was sweet, smoky and vinegary, the mashed potatoes were smooth, and buttery. The corn was eh, but it's the corn's fault, not Tony Roma's. I pulled all the bones out of the ribs, smooshed my potatoes, and scraped all the corn off the cob. It was soo good, and exactly what I wanted! I only ate about two-thirds of it, because I was saving for dessert....


GELATO from Paciugo!!! This place opened up in the mall not too long ago. And while I love Freeziac fro-yo, and Haagen Daz for my cool dessert choices in the mall, I love me some gelato, and was real excited to try their fancy flavors! They offer straight up cups of gelato (and you can get multiple flavors in one cup), gelato in a cone, gelato shakes, gelato sundaes, affogato, and something they call sparkling shakes! Boomdawg and I split a Medio (medium) cup of 4 flavors!

We chose: Organic Maple Caramelized Bacon, Brown Sugar Waffle Cone, Cappuccino, and Chocolate Orange Saffron!! They were all thick, dense, creamy and smooth! The Chocolate Orange Saffron was a little too orangey, it over powered the other flavors, and that's all I could taste. But, the other 3 were heavenly! And the Organic Maple Caramelized Bacon had little bits of salty bacon in it. It was fantastic, I promise!

Yesterday was a fun, busy, and delicious day, but this post has gotten long! Until tomorrow lovelies....

When you're at a restaurant and get food that isn't right (according to how you ordered it), not good, gross (hair, foreign objects, etc.), or something else goes wrong do you say something, let it go, or reflect your experience in the tip?
--- I'm pretty understanding when it comes to service, if the food takes a while and it's busy, or if it comes out of the kitchen wrong if it's outside of their control. I'll definitely say something (not making a big deal about it) expecting the problem to be corrected. But Boomer HATES when I "complain."

Do you prefer ice cream, fro-yo, sorbet, sherbet, or gelato?
--- I don't discriminate. Cold, and creamy? I am all over it!


  1. We had a completely different experience at Tony Roma’s in the Mall of America. We weren't impressed at all.


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