Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Vitamin D, and a Fresh Coat of Paint

Hola! Let's get this done!

Tuesday's Workout: .94 miles easy walk around Hiawatha

Yesterday was a GORGEOUS day in Minneapolis. It was sunny, and warm most of the day. There was a slight breeze, but I'm not gonna complain considering Monday it was 34*. I woke up late (per usual) and ate my riblet, potato, and corn leftovers for breakfast.. No it wasn't breakfast time, or traditional breakfast food, but it certainly broke my fast! And then Boomer and I decided to take advantage of the weather, and take a walk. During my couch-to-5K training I'm only run/walking 3 days per week. The other 3 (I take one rest day each week) I cross train (yoga or strength training), or I'll just take a walk to get my legs moving. So we went for a walk, and thought we should take Pherroshus with us. So we headed to my mom's house, grabbed the pup and off we went....





With all the snow, and rain we've had most of the lakes, and the creek are flooded. The water has flooded the marsh habitats lining the lake, and has make it's way up the shore and flooded this section of the walking path.


The beach is also mostly underwater. The lifeguard chair in now in the lake, when there is usually about 15 yards of beach between it and the lake. But look at that sky!



A Heron nesting


Random dude fishing in the creek... weirdo. There is nothing in there home dog. Unless you're trying to catch bait...

We covered about .94 miles, dropped the pup off, and headed home. I did 40 minutes of Bethenny Frankel yoga On Demand hoping to stretch out my tight muscles that are currently suffering from Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. It didn't work. This yoga was much more akin to yoga sculpt, and yoga flow. We held some poses for a few seconds but never exceeding a minute. It did stretch me out a bit, mostly because I skipped some flow to hold certain poses for longer. But I was schweating by the end. Bethenny is a Yogi Beast. I love her more now than ever before, and I didn't think that was possible. If I have never professed my love for her before, allow me to do it now. I love Bethenny (Frankel) Hoppy.


I dropped Boomerang off at work and headed to Subway for lunch.


I ordered a footlong 9-grain honey wheat with turkey and pepperjack toasted, lettuce, spinach, tomato, cucumber, green bell pepper, and fat-free honey mustard. It was delicious! I ate half the sandwich, along with half of my harvest cheddar Sun Chips, and unsweetened iced green tea.

After lunch I got a much needed mani/pedi! I thoroughly enjoyed my pedicure whole enjoying a snack of some apple slices from Subway.


After heading home I blogged, read some blogs, and then enjoyed the rest of my lunch for dinner with a Leinenkugel's Berry Weiss. It is one of their year round beers, but I thought it would be most appropriate for summer, it was very fruit, and tasted like BeerJuice. That sounds like BeetleJuice. "BeerJuice BeerJuice BeerJuice!"


Boom-O got home from work and was hungry and made some nachos. Organic white corn tortilla chips, cheddar, chicken, romaine, avocado salsa verde, and sour cream. I helped myself to a few!

Yesterday was a pretty great day in my opinion! I used to really not enjoy going for walks, but as I've been doing it more over the last couple of weeks I've grown to love it! I am especially loving it this week because the weather has improved exponentially, and so has my mood!! I was in a serious funk Monday night after the softball game and Soul Daddy being closed, but Tuesday... man. All I needed was a little sun, and a fresh coat of paint! Which got me thinking....

Does the weather impact your general mood, and level of happiness? Are you happier in warmer months, or cooler months?
-- Yes!! I am a crabby, no fun, lame-o, balloon buster during the winter! I need vitamin D in the form of sunshine to make me a happy girl! And I generally prefer warmer temps! My disposition is infinitely more sunny in the spring and summer months!

What was the best part about your day?
-- My walk with Boomer and Pherroshus! It is quickly becoming the best part of my week!

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